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  • Tall Cake Gingerbread cake with a special butter cream topped with butter cream roses
  • Volley ball cake A strawberry cake made for a freinds lil girl who is big into sports.
  • Topsy Turvy This was my first topsy turvy cake.  I made a Vanilla Chi Tea Spice cake with what i call my...
  • Marine Cake This was for my baby brother who is joining the Marines.  A Chocolate Dr. Pepper Cake with marine decor.
  • Anniversary Cake White cake with pure white butter cream.  This was an exact replica of a friends top wedding teir.
  • Pizza Chocolate Dr. Pepper cake with butter cream and marshmallow fondant.
  • Baby Bear
  • Bath Time Duck Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Icing
  • Cars
  • Pretty Princess A vanilla m&m cake with peanut butter filling for my nieces 4th birthday.
  • Baby Block
  • Pink Corset Cake Italian Creme cake layered with a fresh strawberry cake and banana frosting
  • Chocolate Peanutbutter Chocolate banana cupcakes with peanutbutter frostin topped witha hershy bar and a reeses candy
  • Flower Pecan cupcake with chocolate frosting
  • Banana Split Cake Banana cake layered with crushed sugar cones chocolate frosting and caramel.
  • Girl with Tattoo This i made for a friend for her husband on father's day.  I made a vanilla cake and used marshmallow...
  • Crazy Cake Just messing around with this one.  It's a vanilla cake with buttercream and white chocolate drizzled on top.
  • New flower garden I made my mom a snickerdoodle cake with buttercream and flowers made out of straburst candies.
  • Chocolate Chocolate Turtle My dad is diabetic so i made this double chocolate cake with sweet n low and layered it with pecans...
  • Oil Derick Oil Derick cake i made for my husband's birthday.
  • Ducks
  • Cabin Cake This was for my cousin's birthday party.  It was one of my first cakes i did for someone else.

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