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  •  100_0142.jpg  I finally decided to try these... Thanks to everyone who posted theirs for inspiration... These were taken before the ribbon was added to...
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  •  Ours..(Matching Cookies)
  •  Ours  White is: Vanilla toffee caramel cake with caramel filling and a caramel buttercream icing. Blue is: White chocolate coconut cake with a...
  •  Chocolate And Caramel Liquor
  •  Something Simple
  •  Just Flowers  bottom is strawberry laced with champagne flavored icing, top is strawberry and peach laced with champagned flavored icing. thanks for...
  •  Footprints  This is my Easter cake..didn't turn out how I'd hoped and planned...It's a pineapple cake, bavarian cream flavored bc,...
  •  Mannequin  I just wanted to try a doll type dress since I've never done one...The cake is pineapple and rum flavored icing underneath mmf is...
  •  Gelatin Flowers
  •  My First Wedding Cake  This was my first wedding cake, 6,9 and 12...Bottom and top tier-strawberry flavored cake and icing, middle tier was vanilla with bavarian...