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  •  David's Car   This is a cars cake made for david's 2nd bday
  •  Topsy Turvey Gerber Daisies   This is my first topsy turvey cake, first wedding cake and second tiered cake.
  •  Hot Rod   this cake is based off of the movie Hot Rod. It's about a stuntman. Very silly show.
  •  Tank   This is a tank cake for an 8 year old boys birthday. Chocolate and vanilla cake, MMF with BC piping. The sand is brown sugar
  •  Tooth   This cake was made for a friend who got into dental schoolIt's mmf with rice crispies for the roots
  •  Jake's Ipod   This is a cake inspired by one I saw on here. Suprisingly easy to make!
  •  Monkey   This is a monkey cake made for a 1 year old bday party. I made a banana smash cake to go along with it.
  •  Egypt  this is a "book of egypt" cake made for my mothers birthday. The pyramids, sphynx and obolisk are gumpaste, my first go at it....
  •  Poodle Cake   this is a poodle cake for valentines day. the poodle and dog bones are gumpaste
  •  Snake Cake  This is a cake made for my neiced "wild jungle" birthday party. The bottom is a double chocolate bunt, the center is 2 8in round...
  •  Baby Christening  This is my first 3 tier cake EVER! It was for a baby christening. I used homemade mmf, which in my opinion, tastes better than store bought...
  •  Dinosaur Cake  This was made for a baby shower for my nephew. It was also my first experience with fondant. I found it to be super fun. The dinosaur, as...
  •  Blue Orniment   This is a neighbor christmas cake with a giant blue orniment on it. It makes me happy

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