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  • Balance Caketeapot balance cake.teapot
  • Sam 1774jpg
  • Cake Sculpted Chocolate Cake Decorated Royal Icing Bear With Heart Box *Cake sculptedchocolate cake decorated royal icing,bear with heart box
  • hard cake A delicious passion fruit cake also the disco ball is passion fruit cake is easy to make so that the...
  • fashion cookies dresses, shoes sugar cookies and vanilla fondant
  • Christmas cookies sled, boxes of ginger biscuits and pasta with white chocolate
  • wedding  cake wedding cake three flavors, chocolate, passion fruit and almonds, wedding flowers in frosting and gum paste
  • cake bag chocolate cake with a fondant flavored gum and brush technique
  • Purple roses
  • fantasy of my 15
  • hints about fondant a special heart for someone special with the technique of brushstrokes and gum paste flowers
  • a guitar hero for my 15 years this guitar was made yourself with a chocolate cake and vanilla GenoiseSatin fondant
  • Happy Birthday a simple but rich chocolate flavor birthday cake and biscuits clown is your body and face, hands, feet, white chocolate...
  • my first communion chocolate cake, fondant satin, satin appliqué. the dress is designed with the same fondat, is a combination of several techniques,...
  • for a beautiful baby boy chocolate cake with passion fruit cream and fondant marshmallwos
  • my first birthday butter cookies decorated with fondant icing and the combination
  • angel cookies decorated with fondant and icing for a first communion remembrance
  • fifteen years oreintal style This design was chosen the quinceañera, the flavor was chocolate with a ganache filling and fresh milk, marshmallows and fondant...
  • chinese boat I found this looking for designs that I liked it was working like everyone else. is a boat chinese, dragons...
  • Chocolate Cake Filled With Coffee Cream And Almonds A Combination Of Chocolate Fondant And Vanilla Design Bears This Fact In Cornstarch Pa chocolate cake filled with coffee cream and almonds, a combination of chocolate fondant and vanilla. design bears this fact in...

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