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  •  First Try At Petit Fours   yellow cake,thined out rasepberry jelly and poured ganache.
  •  Chocolate Cake   Made this for a co-worker, it is chocolate cake with chocoalte buttercream and wafer cookies around the outside
  •  White Chocolate Mousse Cake
  •  Pound Cake Wtih Sugar Glaze And Rice Paper Butterflies
  •  Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Bc   Do not look to close, I am still so new to all of this. It may not look great,but sure does taste great
  •  Cinn Swirl, Creamcheese Frosting With Vanilla Wafer Cookies. Middle Is Creamcheese Mousse   this is my first try at this kind of cake.
  •  First Try At A Chocolate Clay Rose.   I did not have gloves on so I see my finger nails marks in the clay. Oh well it is not for anyone anyways.
  •  Ri Taira   This is my VERY FIRST try at a RI Taira. Still a working on it. Not sure this is even the right place to post it. Sorry if it is not.
  •  Picture_066.jpg  my valentine cupcakes for my family and work.used dh cake mix with extender, and tami smith's fluffly buttercream. chocolate hearts...
  •  Picture_703.jpg  borrowed the idea from gourmetcakes! thanks. Hope you do not mind. I ran out of pink icing so could not cover the sides with pink stars. So...
  •  I Made The Cookies Bigger This Time. Nfsc And Ri   Thanks again mitsel8
  •  Nfsc With Ri.  THANKS TO mitsel8 For all YOUR help. I am going to try again and this time make them bigger. Mitsel8 you are the best for answering all my...
  •  Pict0028.jpg   First try at RI