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  • Ladybug Birthday buttercream with fondant cutouts
  • 21 Birthday Buttercream with fondant cut outs and actual beer caps
  • Peace Buttercream with fondant cutouts
  • Hello Birthday hello kitty birthday
  • Birthday Take Off Giant chocolate two ontop of a white cake covered in buttercream
  • 1st day of school white cake with a reice krispie shaped bus covered in fondant
  • Peace & Posies two tiered cake with buttercream and decorated in fondant
  • Cheesehead! White cake covered in buttercream with a fondant piece of cheese on top
  • Baseball Birthday 1/2 sheet cake covered in buttercream
  • Fabulous at Forty Vanilla cake filled with fresh strawberry buttercream
  • It's a Boy Vanilla cake filled with oreo and covered in buttercream
  • Turning 8 is Great! vanilla cake with oero filling, covered in buttercream and decorated in fondant
  • "True Blue" Birthday Chocolate cake filled with oreo and covered in buttercream
  • Princess Ryann two tier vanilla cake filled with oreo and chocolate buttercream
  • Conner's Day Three tier sports cake covered with buttercream
  • Fab at 50! White cake with oreo filling
  • Birthday & Butterflies chocolate cake with white buttercream
  • 14th Birthday two tier white cake with oreo filling
  • Simply Stated Sim[ple but clean line Happy Birthday
  • Chocolate Birthday Chocolate lover's 30th birthday
  • Stars & Stripes Forever Vanilla cake with buttercream decorated in fondant.
  • Sponge Bob Square Pants Chocolate and vanilla swirled cake filled with rasberry and covered in buttercream. Detail work is fondant.
  • Conrats Grad! Vanilla cake filled with chocolate buttercream toped with a chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream. Cake was covered in buttercream...
  • 1 st Birthday Cake was vanilla filled with oreo truffle filling and covered in buttercream. Decorations are fondant.
  • Election Cake Two tiered yellow and chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream, frosted with buttercream and decorated with fondant
  • Happy Birthday Vanilla cake filled with chocolate chip buttercream
  • PMS ANYONE? Choolate buttercream icing on chocolate cake
  • Peace Dude! Chocolatwe cake with butter cream icing and decorated in fondanr
  • Candy and Kisses Yellow heart shaped cake, covered in chocolate buttercream basketweave and filled with candies placed on a heart plate!
  • basket of Flowers Basketweave in butter cream flowers in royal icing
  • simple and Sweet done with buttercream
  • sports Bithday This was done in buttercream
  • flowers and fun buttercream flowers
  • Thank you This was a thank you cake for the local police for taking such great care of our community during a...
  • Field of Flowers This a white cake covered in white butter cream and decorated with fresh strawbery buttercream
  • Go Saints This was all dobe in buttercream
  • stars and stripes buttercream
  • My Love Chocolate cake covered in better cream
  • Oreo Delight Chocolate Cake iced with oreo butter cream
  • White Roses Chocolate buttercream decorated with white chocolate buttercream
  • Retro circles This was done in buttrcream
  • 2nd birthday Chocolate  buttercream decorated in fondant
  • Happy Birthday Butter cream with a star tip
  • Horses Frosted in buttercream with a ceramic keepsake topper
  • Christ the Lord has Risen Buttercream frosted with fondant flowers and leaves
  • Sports 1st birthday This was a cake I made for the KY Cake society free cakes for kids program
  • Diamonds & Roses I used an imprint mat on buttercream
  • Peace Out! Two tier filed with chocolate buttercream, covered in buttercream and decorated with fondant
  • Peace Cho cake covered in buttercream decorated in fondant