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  • naturally coloured cookies I am a big fan of Julia Usher's cookies. I made some springtime cookies inspired by her ideas, but made...
  • Chocolate Swirl Heart With Freeze Dried Raspberries chocolate swirl heart with freeze dried raspberries
  • tropical girl Scene consists of three separate cookies. One for the beach recliner with towel, one for the girl and one for...
  • Valentine Heart Coloured With Colouring Foodstuff Black Carrot Extract valentine heart, coloured with colouring foodstuff: black carrot extract
  • romantic birdcage and flower cupcakes inspired by vintage cups romantc birdcage and flower cupcakes inspired by vintage cups
  • norwegian pattern needlepoint cupcakes norwegian pattern needlepoint cupcakes
  • autumn CCs
  • autumny owl made with natural food colouring.
  • pussy cat cupcakes
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  • wedding CCs had to make 60 of these. Quite a struggle with the butterflies being so brittle but I still enjoyed making...
  • 60th anniversary cupcakes decorations from marzipan
  • be happy... my daughter was bored and wanted to make cupcakes. We decided on making smilies. Nothing fancy but it made us...