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  • "Inside-Surprise" Valentine's day cake ...cutting into the cake exposes the heart and X's & O's :-)
  • Chinese New Year cake I really loved the inspiration board colours so I went with bold red, gold, and teal. I have some fireworks...
  • 3d Father Christmas Cake 3D Father Christmas cake
  • Pee Wee Herman Cake Pee-Wee Herman Cake
  • Inside Surprise Cake Inside Surprise Cake
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  • 3d Hunter Predator Cake 3D Hunter predator cake
  • 3d T Rex Cake 3D T-rex cake
  • 3d Joker Cake 3D joker cake
  • Robot vs. Giant Monkey cake
  • "Thriller" 3D Halloween cake
  • 3D Gollum cake
  • 3D Cleopatra cake
  • Evil Goddess Halloween Cake This cake was made for a Halloween party and was one of the more structurally challegning cakes I've created! An...
  • 3D hand-sculpted Clown Birthday Cake 3D Sculpted Clown cake for a child`s birthday. Dowels attached to a wooden base support the cake and keep it...
  • Steampunk Venus De Milo This is the steampunked version of the famous Venus De Milo statue. She has some added wings and steampunk goggles...
  • 3D hand sculpted Mad Hatter cake Hand sculpted Mad Hatter cake. The cake stood over 2 feet tall.

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