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  • Birthday Cake Moist yellow cake with bavarian cream. Accents are rolled buttercream. Gumpaste saw & hammer. Letters are white chocolate.
  • Baby Shower Delicious Chocolate cake covered in marshmallow fondant. All accents are marshmallow fondant.
  • Baby Shower Moist yellow cake. All buttercream. Gumpaste baby booties & flowers. Letters are white chocolate.
  • Justin Bieber Cake is all buttercream even zebra print. name is rolled buttercream. Stars are gumpaste.
  • Cheetah print cake All buttercream
  • Cakes Philpott Ford Cake made to look like the license plate.
  • Cupcakes Buttercream icing with rolled buttercream letter "k"
  • Cupcakes Buttercream Icing with rolled buttercream letter "k"
  • Cookie NFSC
  • Cookies NFSC
  • Cookies Choc. Chip Cookies covered in rolled buttercream icing
  • Cookies NFSC with rolled buttercream icing
  • Cookies & Choc. Candy NFSC on a stick along with choc. candy bears on a stick.
  • Easter Cookies NFSC with rolled buttercream icing
  • Bear Cupcakes Cupcakes with buttercream icing & candy melt ears.
  • NFSC Cross cookies
  • NFSC Cookies
  • Cookies
  • Cookies NFSC with rolled buttercream icing
  • Christmas Cookies NFSC with rolled buttercream icing
  • NFSC Buttercream Icing
  • Bear cookie NFSC
  • Teacher appreciation Cake Buttercream cake with marshmallow fondant apple & ruler
  • Anniversary Cake All Buttercream Cake
  • Wreath Cake All Buttercream
  • Birthday Cake All Buttercream.
  • Birthday Cake All Buttercream
  • Birthday Cake All Buttercream
  • Birthday Cake All Buttercream Cake
  • Birthday Cake Buttercream Cake with rolled buttercream letters.
  • Graduation Cake Buttercream Cake. Morterboard is gumpaste with edible tassel.
  • Graduation cake All Buttercream cake with gumpaste cap.
  • Big Cupcake Big cupcake with buttercream. Gumpaste name.
  • Big Cupcake Big Cupcake all Buttercream
  • Graduation Cake Purple Cake with gumpaste flowers.
  • Birthday Cake 40th birthday Cake & expecting a baby. All buttercream.
  • Wedding shower Chocolate cake with icing as filling and MMF.
  • Flower Pot Cake Yellow Cake with pineapple filling made with MMF. Flowers & butterflies on stick are made out of gumpaste.
  • Peace Sign Cake Peace Sign is made out of icing.  Made cookies to match.  Cake & cookies match plate.
  • Baby Shower Chocolate Cake with MMF.  Gerbera Daisies are made with MMF. Baby Booties are made out of gumpaste.  Thanks for looking!
  • Spiderman Cookies Sugar Cookies made with rolled buttercream.
  • Batman cookies Sugar cookies made with rolled buttercream
  • Leg Cake All buttercream.
  • Leopard Print Cake This is a chocolate cake with bavarian filling all covered in MMF.
  • Guitar cake Cake is buttercream icing with fondant/gumpaste guitar & box
  • Basketweave cake Buttercream icing with colorflow birds and royal icing flowers.
  • Fishing Cake Man fishing, boat, fishing stick, fish, rocks, & sign are all gumpaste. Water & grass are buttercream
  • Beach Scenery Cake Ocean is buttercream. Adirondack chairs, umbrella, books, towels, flip flops are all gumpaste.
  • Volleyball Cake All Buttercream.
  • Volleyball Cake All Fondant
  • Volleyball Cake All Fondant
  • Camo Cake Buttercream Camo cake. Center piece & letters are in fondant.
  • Santa Clause 1 Layer Cake. All Rolled Buttercream
  • Minnie Mouse Cake Top layer buttercream with fondant circles, bottom layer is Fondant.  Buttercream Icing for filling.
  • Buttercream Guitar Cake. Mostly Buttercream Icing. The details are all fondant. The strings are buttercream.
  • Wilton Class This cake is buttercream icing not fondant.