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  • Twins christening cake
  • Small birthday cake
  • Wedding cake
  • Dahlia cake
  • Bronze wedding anniversary cake Bridge
  • Little converses Little conveses, about 4 cm. =)
  • Violet wedding cake
  • Winter wedding cake
  • Carnican wedding cake
  • big brother and little sister
  • Luka?s cake decoration
  • Rosebud christening cake decoration
  • Small wedding cake with roses
  • My grandmothers birthday cake
  • Helmi?s christening cake decoration
  • Ice cream and candy cake My doughters birthday cake.
  • Crystal  wedding cake
  • Fairy twins christening cake
  • Guitar cake
  • Liljas christening cake
  • Hydrangea wedding cake
  • Little heart cake
  • Little rosebud boy
  • Snowflake
  • Polarbear?s christening cake
  • Baby bear christening cake
  • Saga?s christening cake
  • Silja?s christening cake
  • Blue birthday cake
  • Winter boots Thanks for Kathy?s custom cakes for template.
  • Adele?s christening cake
  • Mushroom house cake This mushrom cake is my daughter 6th birthday cake.
  • Rosebud baby christening cake
  • Lily wedding cakes
  • Lily wedding cakew Wedding cake with cake topper. I made ake topper by mmf and fondant.
  • Lily of the valley- wedding cake
  • Lily of the valley- wedding cake
  • Kiia?s first birthday cake Little girl?s first birthday cake. Text means "my first year".
  • Rose for mother Chocolate cake to my mum. <3
  • Summer shoes for baby girl I made these shoes by mmf.
  • Sweet pea christening cake
  • Dahlia I made this dahlia by marzipan.
  • Baby girls shoes =)
  • Girl?s Christening cake
  • Arum lily cake I take idea of this cake from nivia91. Thanks!
  • Marcipan dahlia
  • Little wedding  cake
  • "Santa Hat Cake"
  • Snowflake cookies
  • Boreal christening cake
  • Baby boots
  • Autumn cake
  • Boys christening cake The cake is covered by mmf.
  • Christening cake
  • Cake for littele boy
  • Princess cake
  • Baby?s sandals
  • "Little angry man" =)
  • Christening cake
  • Christening cake
  • Christening cake
  • Rose wedding cake
  • Logica-cap I made this cake for my husband´s workmates.
  • Wild rose- christening cake I made this cake to my sisters daughters christening party. Cake is covered by mmf.
  • Valentine S Day S Cookies Valentine´s day´s cookies.
  • 1265894817.JPG
  • I Made This Sandals To Babtism Cake I made this sandals to babtism cake.
  • Peony cake I find idea of this cake Alain Dunn´s Wedding cake book. Cake is covered by MMF and peony has made...
  • Marzipan pizza This pizza is raspberry- chocolade cake. It´s covered by mmf. Topping are made marzipan and white chocolade.
  • Hello Kitty
  • Christmas Cake I made this Christmas Cake to our neighbor. It's covered by MMF and filled by It is filled by arctic...
  • Christmas cake I made this cake for my husband´s birthday yesterday. It´s our christmas cake too. It is filled by Arctic cloudberry-...
  • Fairy Decoration Fairy decoration to cake of 5 years old girl.
  • Baby plimsolls I made these baby plimsolls to boy's christen cake. These are made by using mmf.
  • My birthday cake I made this cake to my birthday. It´s covered by mmf and roses were mmf too.
  • Nurse cake My husband worked in a hospital as a nurse last summer. I made this cake to the ward when he...
  • Christmas Cake I made this cake to our family's Christmas party. The base contains crushed gingerbread cookies and the filling is chocolate...
  • Horse cake This cake is covered by mmf.
  • Horse cake for 13th birthday I made this horse cake to my goddaughter yesterday. It´s chocolade cake filled chocolade mousse and covered by mmf. (Sorry,...

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