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  • Coach Bag shoebox & High Heels Shoebox is cake. Coach purse I carved a piece of styrofoam and covered it with fondant.
  • Shannon's Fight Survived Chemo Shannon's Survivor cake after her chemo! Love ya Doc :~) Cancer ribbon I cut out of luan board and covered...
  • Shannon's Fight No Mo Chemo for Shannon!!! To the absolutely strongest lady I know!!! Love ya Doc!Didn't have good lighting for the...
  • Pink Purple Zebra with Swirls & Dots Zebra stripes hand painted
  • Zebra Peace and Swirls for Victoria Zebra stripes hand painted. Peace sign made of fondant/gumpaste mix with added tylose and is edible
  • Spongebob 2nd Cake I ever made This is the 2nd cake I ever made. I also made the fondant and colored it (not mm fondant)Not able...
  • First Christmas Cake 2009
  • Blue and Brown This was for a baby shower and they put a stuffed monkey on the top for a topper
  • Peace Zebra Glitter
  • Zebra Pink Bow Made this for my neice's graduation
  • Gerberia Daisy First time to make the gerber daisy and first for the swag
  • Toy Story
  • Tow Mater Made for my nephew
  • Zebra Pink
  • Peace Lime pink
  • Calla Lillies Cross
  • Electric Guitar Carved cake, This was my first time to ever airbrush anything
  • Peace Lime pink
  • Zebra Lime Bow Hot pink
  • Camo Browning Scope I have another picture of this cake that I took but it is too small to upload, When I finished...
  • First Topsy Turvy This is actually the second attempt to the first TTC. The very first fell over so I had to start...
  • Pink Brown Turquoise w/fondant booties Booties are made of fondant/gumpaste mix and are edible
  • Camo Browning Symbol Browning symbol cut out with xacto knifecamo browning buckmark hunting
  • Zebra Peace Circles
  • Alabama Houndstooth Everything was cut out using an xacto knife
  • First Stacked Wedding Cake This was my very first stacked wedding cake and first time to ever use real flowers on a cake
  • Baseball Theme ball is styrofoam and covered in fondant. Everything else cut out with xacto knife and outlined with a marker
  • Bright and fun Boyfriend and girlfriend cake. Their birthday's were 2 days apart and the man ordered the cake
  • Cowgirl with Edible Hat. Hat is made of gumpaste/fondant and is 100% edible
  • Cowgirl with Gumpaste edible Hat Hat is made of fondant/gumpaste and is 100% edible
  • Snowglobe First time to make anything like this
  • Cup of Cocoa First time to do a cake like this
  • Pillow Cake 1st Birthday. This was taken before delivery and the crowns and roses were added to it. First pillow cake I ever made....
  • Pillow Cake 1st Birthday This is my first pillow cake ever made. I learned a LOT with this cake LOL
  • Camo Hunting Bullets made of gumpaste and painted gold. Corn is gumpaste
  • 3 Tier Zebra Pink and Lime 21st Birthday
  • Old Lady and Zebra Stripes This was for 2 different people. Old lady carved cake and zebra for another lady.
  • Peace Zebra Circles peace sign is fondant/gumpaste, zebra stripes are black fondant cut out with xacto knife
  • Camo Girl Browning Buckmark Bow is fondant/gumpaste buckmark cut out with xacto knife
  • Zebra Peace Circles zebra is black fondant cut out with xacto knife, peace sign is gumpaste also cut out with xacto knife
  • Draw Poker
  • Giraffe Baby Shower
  • Calla Lillies Cala Lillies made of gumpaste
  • Pink Mod Monkey
  • Ole Miss Bow made of gumpaste
  • Pink and Black Polka Dots Made template for the P and cut out with xacto knife, made of gumpaste
  • Spongebob Spongebob carved and then placed on a single layer cake
  • Real Roses and Drapes Wedding cake with real roses
  • Pillow Cake
  • Fire Truck I was not able to post the picture of the front view of this because it was too small :(
  • Cars theme Lightning McQueen and Towmator
  • Pink and Lime Bow made of fondant/gumpaste
  • Paisly Made to match party napkin. My piping skills are not very good :(
  • Circus Themed Popcorn bucket is nade of gumpaste and the popcorn in it. Elephants I made a template of and cut them...
  • MSU Football M and paw prints cutouts were done with my xacto knife
  • Fishing and Hunting Name is made to look like shotgun shells
  • 13th Anniversary Ivory & Baby Blue
  • Mad Hadder Carved cake for a first birthday
  • Pink & Brown Baby Shower Baby booties are made of gumpaste
  • Pink Bling Each tier is diamond quilted and has the little starbursts at each little black ball
  • Zebra Peace Circles hand painted zebra made templates and cut out with xacto knife
  • Cupcake Theme 1st Birthday I did not design this cake. Was given a picture and asked to make one like it. I did change...
  • Winnie Pooh baby Shower Carved Hunny Pot on a single layer cake
  • Saints Airbrushed made templates and cut out with xacto knife
  • Penguin Carved cake for a baby showerI did not design this cake and do not know who did, I was given...
  • Spiderman Bottom tier web hand painted and made a template for the spider and cut it out using my xacto knife
  • Owl Theme Made to match the party bags & decorations
  • Wubbz Girlz Characters printed on photo paper (non edible). Ball is styrofoam and covered in fondant
  • The DOG Theme Paws cut out with xacto knifeThis was for a little girl that loves dogs and this was made to match...
  • Crossbones Skull Made template for skull & cut out with xacto knife and hand painted, Top tier diamonds are fondant and on...
  • Zebra Polka Dots hand painted zebra stripesMade a template then cut out the B and the peace sign with xacto knife
  • Ole Miss Theme Ole Miss theme for a lady
  • Slanted Zebra with Crown hand painted zebra print. Made template for the 4 and cut out with xacto knife painted the zebra stripes on...
  • Strawberry Shortcake This was a last minute cake order6" strawberry flavored
  • Peace Sign, Bow, Turq & Zebra Hand painted zebra printTemplate made for peace sign then cut out with xacto knife
  • Alice in Wonderland Theme Client requested this pattern. This is my 3rd or 4th TTC and I am just now figuring out the structure....
  • Baby Onesie Carved freehandSorry the lighting was not very good when I took the pic
  • Battlefield Dragstrip Cake I made this for my son's 17th birthday. This is what our Race track (Drag Strip) looks like where we...
  • Alabama Piped grassFondant/gumpaste Football with A (cut out using xacto knife)
  • Sweet 16 Zebra & Circles Sweet 16Zebra hand painted Circles & polka dots with curly wires
  • Camo & Browning Buckmark Camo & Browning BuckmarkBuckmark template made and used xacto kn ife to cut out of fondant/gumpaste
  • Camo & Buckmark Browning Symbol for Girl Camo & Buckmark Browning Symbol for GirlMade a template of the buckmark and cut out of fondant using exacto knife....
  • Constable Badge Constable BadgeCarved & AirbrushedEagle is printed on photo paper
  • Cowboy Groom's Cake Hat is full size and made of gumpasteThe bull rider I made a template for and cut out of fondant...
  • 60th Wedding Anniversary

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