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  • Golf Based on cakes seen on Cake Central - Thank you!
  • Cardinal Football
  • Fire Department Based on cakes seen on Cake Central - Thank you!
  • Mini Starz
  • Princess of Hearts Based on a cake seen on Cake Central - Thank You!
  • Super Heros
  • University of Tennessee
  • Witches Halloween Cauldron & Spellbook Fondant over buttercream. Hand painted spellbook. 100% edible.
  • Luau 2 Tier Stack Vanilla butter cake with MMF over buttercream. 100% edible
  • NY Yankees Pennant Chocolate cake with MMF over chocolate buttercream. NY is MMF, stripes are hand painted and lettering is piped buttercream.
  • Elmo's Pub & Grill Employee Birthday Hand painted fondant on buttercream.
  • Fire Department Birthday Fondant over buttercream. Hand painted and molded fondant.
  • Sports Nut Stack Carolina Panther, Clemson, NY Yankees Fondant over Buttercream. 100% edible (except flag stick) Emblems are hand painted on fondant
  • Browning Girl Stack Fondant over Buttercream. 100% edible.
  • Retro TV Weather Channel Fondant over buttercream. Hand painted screen. 100% edible except antenna wires.
  • Retro Birthday Fondant over buttercream. Gumpaste number
  • Preggo Belly Fondant over Buttercream 100% edible
  • Witches Spell Book Fondant over buttercream
  • Snoopy & Woodstock Fondant over buttercream. Fondant Figurines. 100% edible
  • Roller Skate Fondant over buttercream. Stop is white chocolate. 100% edible.
  • Shamrock Buttercream w/fondant decorations
  • Rick Springfield Chocolate buttercream w/hand painted fondant decoration
  • Redskins Buttercream w/hand painted fondant decoration
  • Race Car Fondant over buttercream with hand painted fondant emblems
  • Pink & Brown Belly Fondant over buttercream
  • Blue & Pink Preggo Belly Fondant over buttercream