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  • Hello Kitty
  • 60th birthday cake Thank You to everyone on cake central for the inspiration. Lots of users ideas went into this cake.
  • Rachel's candy dream cake
  • Gavin's Tigger
  • Brooklynn's Dream Barbie
  • Isabella's Birthday
  • Brady's Baptism
  • Cupcakes for Rachel's 18th
  • Ashley's birthday
  • Kenzi's 18th birthday cake
  • Cathleen's birthday
  • Drummer Boy This cake was made for a best friend's birthday boy...This is my first fondant person.
  • pillow Made this pillow cake for my Mother in law's 80th...she loved it.
  • car Zack's car cake...working headlights.
  • Gift box baby This gift box baby cake is 6 pans of 9" round cakes, filled with buttercream and covered in fondant.  I...
  • diaper bag My first bag / purse cake and I am very happy with it. everything is made with fondant.
  • funny monsters Cake made on very short notice for my 18 year olds friends...there were three having a party all together.  Look...
  • nitemare before christmas girl... Cake for a nitemare before christmas fan
  • Andybear Maggie's friend Andrew loves ramen noodles and his nickname is Andybear....hence the cake.
  • Snorlax (pokemon) b day cake
  • lizard lizard
  • Mini Cake Yellow butter cake with butter cream frosting. This mini is covered in fondant with fondant pearls around the bottom.  The...
  • m & m cake Buttercream frosting and fondant decorations
  • Rubix Cube for my son's birthday Cake is frosted with black buttercream and fondant squares. "WARNING" I found out  after the cake was finished, that when...
  • Sleeping Cat Rice Crispie, Cat, Fondant, Kitty
  • Anthony's Confirmation cake This cake was made for Deana's son Anthony.  I also made cake pops for that day. You can  them by...
  • Mario's Baseball Dude cake This is a chocolate Birthday cake with butter cream frosting cake.  Made for Mario, Deana's son. Fondant decoration, used licorice...
  • Claire's Birthday cake This is my first attempt at a gift cake.  For Claire, Sally's daughter.
  • White Rose Cake Pops These white rose cake pops were made for the Confirmation party Deana was having for her son.  They were chocolate...
  • Hippo This is a Hippo cake I made for my friend Sally.  Chocolate cake with butter cream frosting, covered in fondant....
  • First attempt Fondant This is a cake for Jordan's sixteenth.  The first time Maggie and I attempted Fondant.  We thought it resembled a...
  • heart cake Cake made for Trace's prospective Valentine
  • mini cake Cake for Rudy and Dorothy on Valentine's Day 2010
  • 3 mini cakes I made these 3 cakes on VALENTINE'S DAY for our three union stewards as  a thank you. They loved them.
  • "We'll miss zoo both" Made for a goodbye party for 2 wonderful workers that were laid off.

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