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  •  Grace (Alice Like) In Wonderland   High School Prom Theme "Grace In Wonderland" Buttercream with sugar screen playing cards. Some fondant details.
  •  Toronto Raptors   Buttercream Transfer of Raptor Logo
  •  Kate Spade Like Cake   White buttercream with black fondant dots with added silk flowers
  •  Gymnastic Cake   Layered Buttercream with Fondant figures and symbols. I used cookie cutters to cut the fondant.
  •  Gender Reveal Cake   Buttercream with fondant cutouts and lettering. Inside the layers are tinted the *** of the child. In this case, it was blue for a boy!
  •  Reese Cup Cake  Top cake is a chocolate mold made in the bottom half of an Extra Large Cupcake pan. It has two chocolate cake layers with peanut butter...
  •  Buttercream And Fondant Sports Ball Birthday Cake And Cupcakes   *Buttercream and fondant Sports Ball Birthday Cake and Cupcakes
  •  Rose Buttercream Wedding Cake   Used large tip to make these swirl Roses.
  •  Kids Birthday Cakes   Tae kwon do Cake.I used cookie cutters to cut fondant characters and a sugar print photo on top.
  •  Lego Adventure Cake  Large sheet cake, halved and stacked. Iced with green buttercream. One football shaped cake pan used to make large side rocks. I halved the...
  •  Baby Bootie Sheet Cake  Simple large sheet cake iced with buttercream.Measured and marked off individual cake squares then added a pair of pink baby booty shaped...
  •  Race Car Cake   simple design. Sheet cake iced with buttercream with fondant road and added a plastic race car.
  •  Number 15 Cake   Sheet Cake cut and shaped into number 15. Iced in buttercream