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  •  Welcome Home Cake   Inspired by another CCer. Thank you for the wonderful pictures I can use as inspiration.
  •  Pooh Cake   Satin Ice fondant. Cake is vanilla with BC icing and cupcakes are Red Velvet filled with cream cheese frosting
  •  Princess Theme
  •  Enchanted Wedding
  •  Square Vines And Flowers
  •  Stripes And Polka Dots
  •  Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday  Flex could've turned out better but yet again, the heat was threatening my cake. The fondant was literally melting on top of the cake...
  •  Simple Birthday Cake  Carrot cake with cream cheese filling/frosting and covered in red Satin Ice Fondant.Decorated quickly, prior to heading out to beach to...
  •  Toolbox
  •  Nascar Theme Cake   First carved cake. Needs improvement, but not bad for my first.
  •  Buttercream Cake  All buttercream, gumpaste callas. It was so hot that I thought my cake would be ruined. Thank God it made it to the reception in one piece...
  •  Red & White Wedding Cake With Calla Lilies  Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Satin Ice Fondant.Thank you to Edna De La Cruz for the calla tutorial. She's pretty awesome...
  •  1St Birthday - Cake   My first fully decorated fondant cake.