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  • Mmmmm...chocolate That's it. Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, chocolate clay...chocolate chips in the cake...Now we need some coffee!
  • Kennedy's cake butter cream with fondant decorations. First purse I've made...
  • Ami's cake Colors aren't so true...It's purple and terra cotta. Really. Not my choice!
  • Unicorn cake Butter cream with a white chocolate unicorn.
  • Girly chocolate cake Butter cream with fondant flowers
  • Lexi's 14! Butter cream and fondant
  • Forty and fabulous! Butter cream, fondant and white chocolate
  • Hanna's cowboy Horse is painted gum paste, cake is butter cream. White chocolate cactus.
  • Fish cake fondant fish, fly, butter cream frosting. Buck doe trout is a family joke...
  • Toy Story
  • The Princess and the Frog Cake is all butter cream, purchased Tiana. ( I know, it's a cheat, but sometimes you have to!)
  • Ya gabba gabba All fondant or white chocolate. Everything is edible, except the birthday sign.  Made for Beatrix Agogo Puma!
  • Cake for Oklahoma Sugar Show Fondant, royal and handpainting. Won 3rd in my division
  • Red and Green birthday cake
  • Preschool cake
  • My first topsy turvy Holy cow! I've never made a topsy turvy before...It is certainly a challenge! I am proud of it, it's all...
  • Zoo train Fondant animals and train, butter cream for everything else.
  • We have a winner...
  • Bella's birthday
  • Crazy cake
  • Shower cake
  • My first car cake Made this for my husband's birthday. He is in the process of restoring an teal blue Volkswagen convertible. All cake/fondant...
  • Kaela's butterfly
  • Tiny cake pops What a PAIN! Cake, shaped, stick inserted, dipped in chocolate, then decorated and wrapped. Maybe never again. But they are...
  • Lori's birthday Lori wanted a cake with stick figures holding hands....She said she couldn't imagine figures...I actually made these from clay, so...
  • Our first anniversary A miniature version of our wedding cake
  • Thomas the train All butter cream, I trimmed the cake in the shape of the train.
  • Dots! Butter cream with fondant dots. First wired fondant
  • Steak dinner For my husband, all butter cream.
  • Our wedding cake We piped royal icing flowers for 2 weekends...My sister put it all together and finished with butter cream.
  • Mermaid cake This is my first competition cake, I didn't win anything, but, I think I learned alot!