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  • Ladybug, ladybug Buttercream lady bug for the top of a cupcake tower. Fondant eyes, lips, spots.
  • Mickey Mouse first birthday Buttercream...Next time I'll do fondant decor!  Non-edible structure.
  • Roller party cake Buttercream with fondant decor
  • 1333221685.jpg Monster High. Butter cream and fondant
  • Mmmmm...chocolate That's it. Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, chocolate clay...chocolate chips in the cake...Now we need some coffee!
  • First birthday Frosted in butter cream, fondant flowers, gumpaste crown & bow.
  • Spongebob Squarepants Buttercream & white chocolate. Purchased Spongebob so 2 year old could play with him..
  • Sophie's Big Day Olivia the pig cake...Buttercream with fondant & white chocolate decoration.
  • Ethan's first birthday Fondant cupcake, buttercream frosting. Ethans first birtday.
  • Thanksgiving centerpiece A friend asked me to make a centerpiece for his mother (DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY!!) I whipped up a pumpkin cake,...
  • Competion cake for Oklahoma Sugar Art Show Fondant and royal icing. Peacock is white chocolate, fondant & gumpaste. Entire cake is handpainted...The fondant covering, molded fondant &...
  • Race car birthday buttercream and fondant
  • sweet tooth Fondant and candy and buttercream, oh my!
  • Bella's art cake Bella always has the most interesting ideas for her birthday cake! This year, she wanted an art cake...Butter cream, cookies...
  • Kirstin's horse Cake for a 6 year old who loves horses. Chocolate, butter cream and fondant.
  • Rocker cake
  • Marianna's sweet 16 She's a 'scene kid' who doesn't like girly things...white chocolate, butter cream and fondant
  • Sweet 16 Butter cream, chocolate and white chocolate
  • Kennedy's cake butter cream with fondant decorations. First purse I've made...
  • Valentine Fondant flowers, cream cheese frosting
  • Chase's first birthday Fondant covered cakes, fondant decoration
  • Ami's cake Colors aren't so true...It's purple and terra cotta. Really. Not my choice!
  • Unicorn cake Butter cream with a white chocolate unicorn.
  • Girly chocolate cake Butter cream with fondant flowers
  • Lexi's 14! Butter cream and fondant
  • Forty and fabulous! Butter cream, fondant and white chocolate