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  • Spool of thread MMF, gumpaste needle...
  • Bakugan MMF, Gumpaste, cake Bakugan red dragon
  • New Moon Movie all "eatable" :) rice crispies, MMF, royal icing, SUPER fun to make, I am a HUGE fan of this SAGA!
  • scooby doo character pan cake, star tip decorated. this is my first cake like this. i usually always use fondant, so it...
  • square wedding cake fake flowers. MMF
  • vanderbilt cake i carved this out of a square cake . MMF
  • nightmare before christmas jack! did this really quickly... wish i had more time to really make it look cool
  • sweet 16 another one of my first few...
  • POOH BEAR i sculpted pooh out of fondant
  • basketball
  • twilight this was one of my first cakes, hopefully my next twilight cake will be better!
  • MOLE DAY chemistry's mole day
  • arrested development my top hat is a little charlie chaplin size rather then magician! and i didnt get all the elements i...
  • patron gold all cake BC and fondant, cork is rice crispy
  • sunflower fake flowers, really basic pretty cake
  • sushi cake all "eatable" :)
  • diego cake diego is a candle, but i sculpted the other animals
  • optimus prime optimus is made from rice crispies! this is my first upright 3 d cake!

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