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  • Spidernan I hated making this cake... lol
  • Peace of Cake Peace sign
  • Jack the Pumpkin King! I love this cake. It's Jack skellington with spiders on the corner borders, and you can't see it, but webs...
  • Memorial Day Cupcakes Vegan and Organic Buttercream Organic yellow and chocolate cupcakes
  • Butterfly I made the butterfly from Wilton candy melts, got idea from the book Hello Cupcake. Mine didn't turn out great,...
  • Baby rump pink and brown My first rump cake! :) Wasn't perfect, but I learned a lot!
  • pink and black polka dots This is my first attemp at a tiered cake.... Not as easy as I thought. I made the top tier...
  • Cowboy Cowboy on a horse. I used a customers photograph to make the fbct.
  • baby rump cake pink used fondant :)
  • Baby Rump Pink and Lime Fondant decorations.
  • Juno Cake Juno is a frozen buttercream transfer.
  • Heart Buttercream heart
  • Dino Cake buttercream, airbrushing, plastic figures
  • Cars Cupcake Cake Buttercream with image transfer
  • Palm Trees cupcake cake, made with the best buttercream recipe ever! I used the crusting buttercream (viva method) recipe from here. Also...
  • Cartoon Family Buttercream transfer!
  • Colts 2 layer red velvet with cc frosting, and buttercream transfer colts logo.
  • Snow Family! Made a checkerboard cake with Ameretto Buttercream and Fondant Snowmen.
  • Bud Light fbct. First time making and using basic vanilla frosting, didn't like it at all, to runny and soft. I will...
  • Mickey Mouse Thanksgiving FBCT... Fun and easy cake to make!
  • South Carolina Palmetto 8" 2 layer yellow cake. With buttercream frosting. Used the FBCT method to make the tree and moon.
  • Cake Mistake! I used a recipe i found online for yellow cake... and it turned out dry and flat! So I soaked...
  • Ocean Friends I made this cake to look like the Ocean Friends themed birthday party supplies. Used the FBCT. Buttercream!
  • my first attempt at a guitar cake... carved out of a 9x13 cake and covered with buttercream and gumpaste accents.
  • Quilt inspired... used fbct for the quilt pattern and symbols. The rest is piped buttercream.
  • Halloween Birthday! a square halloween themed birthday cake!
  • A Halloween Birthday Cake! Made the tree with a few skewers and craft wire duct taped together, then covered with chocolate clay. The rest...
  • pumpkin Made this for a pumpkin patch party. Made with bundt cakes, buttercream, and icecream cone.
  • Flip Flops on the Beach Made this cake for the end of summer party. I cut out the two flip flops from a sheet cake...
  • Yo Gabba Gabba Made for a 2 year olds birthday. Has the Yo Gabba Gabba action figures on top.
  • Carolina Panthers I made this cake for a birthday that was to be celebrated on the first gameday of the Panthers.

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