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  •  Giraffe Cake   Giraffe Cake
  •  Brian The Dog Star Trek Officer   Made from cake and rice cereal, ale bottle is chocolate
  •  Skulls And Stars
  •  Grey Orchid Cake   This was actually for my adopted mom's birthday
  •  Harry Potter's Dobby The House Elf On A Wand Box   This for my friend that's a huge Harry Potter fan. Dobby and the wand are fondant and the box and...
  •  Nascar Pez Dispenser Kitty Cake
  •  Jungle Baby Shower Cake   I was so excited I finally got to use my wilton jungle set that has been in my closet forever!...
  •  Ewok Cake   Wicket the Ewok Cake, head and front legs rice crispy treats, body cake
  •  Sneaker Cake   all cake and fondant
  •  Penguin On Ice   Penguin is a rice crispy and fondant sculpture sitting on the cake
  •  Maltese Cake   dog's head and red bull are rice crispy treats, the rest is cake covered in fondant and then brushed with...
  •  Fantasy Peonie
  •  Ribbon Roses And Ruffles   This was the main cake and it was surrounded by satellites. All of them were extremely different, but tied in...

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