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  •  Thank You Cake   This cake was for one of my father's work associates. It is decorated in butter cream icing.
  •  Basket Of Flowers   This summer I decided to re-take the Wilton courses since they updated them. This was my final class cake.
  •  Quincy's 10Th Birthday   My friend had a 10th birthday party for her dog. This cake was for the humans only.
  •  Cake For Dave   Chocolate cake with fondant and butter cream
  •  Chocolate With Polka Dots.   Chocolate cake covered in chocolate fondant. BC piping and dots. Royal icing flowers.
  •  Course 3 Final Cake   This is my final cake for the Wilton Course three. The cake is vanilla with raspberry filling. I dirty iced...
  •  Chocolate Orange Surprise   The cake is a Chocolate orange variation on the WASC recipe. It is covered in chocolate butter cream and chocolate...
  •  Wilton Course 2 Cake.   The cake is a variation of the WASC but I used lemon juice, zest and flavoring. This is my class...
  •  Orange Rose Cake.   This is a variation of the WASC cake but I used the juice of 2 lemons plus their zest (with...
  •  Sweetpea Heart   This is a practice cake to build my skills. The cake itself is white almond sour cream with cherry pie...
  •  Chocolate Cake With Roses   This is the chocolate sour cream cake with chocolate buttercream icing. The filling is raspberry jam and the roses are...
  •  My First Roses Cake   This is a vanilla cake with peach jam filling. It has butter cream icing and royal icing drop flowers and...
  •  Clown Cake   This is my second cake for my Wilton Course 1. It uses butter cream icing.

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