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  •  Shirt And Tie Cake For Fathers Day   All fondant. This was fun to do!
  •  Flower Birthday Cake  Chocolate and MMF, I tried to copy Harper77 cake. I was in a hurry. I have never worked with chocolate fondant and it was brittle. I always...
  •  Last Day Of School Cake  This was the last day of school cake for a party for kids going into 9th grade next year. New high school. I thought it looked like 4th of...
  •  Lauren Cake   All fondant and gumpaste cake. This was done for two girls who are graduating. We had a night to honor them at church.
  •  Michaela Cake   This is all fondant and gumpaste. I am very happy with how this turned out. I think it is my all time favorite cake I have made.
  •  Flowerpot Cupcakes  These are large muffin size cupcakes baked without papers, covered in fondant and gumpaste flowers. Oreo dirt. So much fun! The flowers are...
  •  Gumpaste Snowboarder Figure   This was a topper for a birthday cake. It is all gumpaste.
  •  Gumpaste Rose Bouquet   These are all gumpaste. I practiced roses all weekend and thought I would put them together in a vase.
  •  Baby Buckaroo Cowboy Shower Cake   first tier is chocolate with cream cheese filling. Second tier is WASC with lemon cream cheese. All fondant decorations.
  •  I Can't Wait Until Spring Cake!   All fondant with white cake and lemon filling.
  •  Boise State Broncos Fiesta Bowl Cake!   Go Broncos! Buttercream with fondant figures. WASC with dulce de leche filling.
  •  Happy 75Th Birthday Byron And Myron!  This is for my dad and his identical twin brother's 75th birthday party. They are wearing BYU and Utah sweatshirts. They were so much...
  •  Snowman And Santa Christmas Cakes   These are mini 3 tiered cakes decorated with fondant. So much fun!