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  • carriage
  • strawberry shortcake to do strawberry shortcake i use this
  • just a flowers a flower i think i made up lol
  • rose im not any go at the wilton rose butt this one i love
  • wrestling ring 40th birthday the man i made this for love wrestling and his little girl
  • the classic strawberry cake with fresh strawberry in the layers and banana butter cream icing
  • princess and the frog Butter cream icing. Vanilla and Chocolate cake TFL
  • cupcakes
  • hot rod dad's red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. my daughter help wight the happy father;s day.
  • 1st birthday i was having a bad cake day with this one. the hand did not want to stay up so i...
  • peace tie dye cake buttercream icing. think 4 all the idles on cc. TFL
  • hot wheels i use Wilton's checkerboard cake pan set  it look like a race flag when the birthday boy cut it. it...
  • easter not my bast work but i put it on any ways
  • ARMY CUPCAKE banana cake, peanut butter icing, grand crackers "sand"
  • John Deere it is a classic white cake with banana buttercream icing. it was for a 4yr old boy if was fun...
  • welcome spring its a lemon cake and orange butter cream icing. my sister and i did this one day when the kids...
  • m & m she wanted m&m and stars it is a strawberry cake and crime cheese icing
  • chocolate candy white cake with chocolate candy over it
  • happy b day
  • love cookies it's a peanut butter cookie with peanut butter icing colored pink tfl
  • nick jr birthday this was the 1st time i try and thing lick this i did it 4 my baby girl she was...
  • cup of Joe i did this for my sister she love coffee and reading it was my first time painting on a cake...
  • bubble bath in the sand i made this for my mom. i got the idel form a maisie parrish book . this is not a...
  • candle i  c so many of this and wanted to try it for my self
  • transformers
  • just playing around just playing around
  • strawberries strawberries strawberries strawberries and milk duds
  • in a flash in need some quick
  • wilton course wilton course
  • eat more ham the turkey is say eat more ham as the pig is runing away
  • wilton fondant and gum paste wilton fondant and gum paste night 2
  • new moon it's a strawberry cake. the bottom is Bella birthday cake. then i have Edward talking to a Volturi. and a...
  • wich/ghost ghost,wich and rose are fondant with buttercream frosting this is my wilton course 3 final cake
  • morning glories/pot morning glories/pot
  • skull and crass bones it made out of 34 cupcakes the bow,eye,and nose is made out of fondant that i covered in butter...
  • playing around playing around with the stuff i learned in class
  • tv dinner tv dinner for Hello Cupcake waiting on the 2 book
  • wilton course 3 wilton course 3
  • wilton course 2 final cake wilton course 2 final cake
  • with death come life i carved the skull out of Wilton ball put fondant on it and panted it with black food coloring and...
  • sunflower and pumpkin sunflower and pumpkin
  • care bear care bear
  • alien alien with flying saucer cupcakes
  • fairie fairie
  • hearts my sis anniverarsy
  • polar bear polar bear
  • chocolate rose chocolate rose  hershey kisses are the base of the rose
  • alien i made this from wilton cuddly bear pan
  • happy birthday aaron i naver try any thing like this one its ok for my 1st time
  • two tiered rose cake 1st 2 tiered cake i made
  • Wilton class my 1st cake i made in class my kids love the clowns
  • wilton class my 1st cake with roses i made in class