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  • Puppy with Dog House BC icing with fondant accents and bone Smash cake
  • Sponge Bob Square Pants BC icing with Fondant accents
  • Fish Cake BC  icing airbrushed with fondant accents
  • Baby Shower 2 tier BC icing, fondant baby shoes, carraige, rattle & train
  • Zebra, Margaritta Party 2 tier round and square BC icing.  Fondant letter J & Margaritta glasses
  • Tinkerbell 2 tier BC icing with fondant accents
  • Oreo Mummy Cake Pops Oreo's covered with white candy melts and sugar eyes
  • Ghost cupcakes
  • witch cupcakes
  • Yo Gabba Gabba BC icing with fondant accents
  • Tiger BC icing with fondant accents
  • Whimsical topsey turvey 3 tier whimsical topsey turvey cake, ganach shell under fondant covered layers with fondant accents
  • Carolina Birthday Cake BC icing with fondant accents
  • Hot Pink Girly Skull Hot Pink BC with fondant skull accents and black fondant stripes
  • Whimsical Hot Pink and Orange 2 Tier Whimsical hot pink & orange BC,fondant flower accents, stripes and vines
  • zebra, polka dot,big  lime green bow Hot pink fondant with black poka dots, white fondant with zebra stripes, lime green fondant bow.  Fondant 18 on top.
  • Baseball & Glove Sheet cake with BC icing, Carved glove from 10" round cake. fondant and gumpaste accents.  RC baseball with fondant covering
  • Girly Monkey 2 Tier BC icing, fondant accents
  • Tow Mater Disney Pixar Cars BC icing, fondant accents, air brushed colors
  • Wake Board BC icing,  airbrushed images, fondant lettering
  • Family Tree BC cake with Fondant limbs and leaves
  • Pinkalicious Cupcake Pinkalicious Cupcake
  • Candy Birthday polka dot cake with BC icing, cupcakes, & cookies with Royal icing
  • Baseball Baseball field birthday cake all BC with fondant accents
  • 3 tier wedding cake with 5 mini cakes 3 tier wedding cake with 5 minin cakes, heart accents all BC, corn blue and yellow flowers
  • 3 tier wedding cake 3 tier cream wedding cake with brown flowers & brown lines
  • Clemson football field
  • lepord zebra
  • pink polkadot daschund
  • John Deere Airplane My nephew wanted an Airplane cake for his 3rd birthday.  Its all he talked about for weeks & he requested...
  • Horse /pink bandana
  • Red Barn Farm
  • Firetruck Fondant Grooms Firetruck Cake.  Wheels are RC covered with Fondant  Thanks CC for all the ideas that went into this...
  • Reindeer, Christmas Tree, Santa hat Cake Pops Chocolate, Peanutbutter Cake Pop made for PTO Teacher Appreciation gifts for my Son's School.  These were delicious YUMMY.  Thanks CC...
  • Cigar Cake Thanks fellow CC for all of the great insporations for this cake.  The customer wanted to put it on a...
  • Polkadot Puppy
  • Louis Voughton Cake Purse
  • Snow White & drawf cottage cake BC 9" round cake for base.  8" Square  cake for cottage cut into 4 equal sections.  RC used for cottage...
  • Polkadot Froggie BC frog cake.  Round cake pan for belly  left uncarved & Legs are cut from a sqare cake.
  • Game Cake BC square cake with misc RT game controls covered in fondant & CD with Ipod make from Gumpaste.
  • Polkadotted Baby Butt Cake
  • Girlie Pink Skeleton Polkadot cake Two tier BC Girlie Pink Skeleton Polkadot Cake.  Fondant Skeletons & Polkadots accents.
  • Louis Vuitton Birthday Cake Purse
  • Baby bottom Rump 12" butter cream cake with baby bottome rump fondont diaper, legs & feet  with fondant accents. T!hanks CC for the...
  • whimisical teal polka dot BC icing 2 tier teal cake.  With 50/50 bow & fondont polka dot accents.  12 guage wire swirlies for a...
  • Yo Gabba Gabba 3 teir topsy turvy BC icining with fondont accents.  Characters were clients plastic figurines.  This was the 1st tospy turvy...
  • Zebra purse, pearls, initial ring & high heel shoe BC icing with fondont zebra stripes for purse.  Gumpaste pearls with luster dust.  Fondont pink initial ring with monogramed letter...
  • Monogramed flower birthday cake 6" BC  Brown Monogramed Polka dot & Flower cake.
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider BC cupcake cake for my daughters preschool class.  Thanks CC for the cute idea!
  • musical dancer Two tier BC cake with musical notes & dancer.  Also includes a few flowers
  • Zebra birthday cake 6" 2 teir BC cake , with black zebra fondant & greefondant bow, thanks CC for the idea.
  • Bridal Shower 10" square buttercream Vanilla cake with pink & brown fondant pokadots & pink fondant bow.
  • Couples Wedding Shower Two teer square butter cream icining with fondont daisy flowers
  • Golf ball on grass
  • Bowling Pin & Bowling Ball Cake
  • Flat Topsy-Turvy Cake
  • High School Graduation Cake Our babysitter of 6 years was graduation from High School.  She is a very special member of our family &...
  • USC Football Helmet
  • Baseball Glove Cake
  • Sunflower Cake
  • Pull Apart Owl Halloween Cake
  • Moo Cow Cake We call our daughter Miley "Moo" & she wanted a Moo cow party so this is the cake I came...
  • Poka Dot Birthday Cake This was a cake for our school Headmasters 50th birthday
  • Ghost Pull apart Cake This is a cake made from cup cakes
  • Horsie Cake Brown Horse with Pink Poka Dots
  • Roller Skate Birthday Cake

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