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  • Zebra Stripe with Browning
  • Child's car birthday cake
  • Papa's Guitar  (Life size) Guitar body is cake and the neck is rkts covered in fondant.
  • Meredith College Graduation
  • NC State Graduation
  • Pirates
  • Pink with Black CC's
  • White with Purple Flowers
  • Rocks
  • Football and Baseball Cake
  • Hair Dresser cake
  • Camo Cake
  • Football
  • USA Flag
  • Miss Frog
  • Pink with Zebra Stripes
  • Camping by the River
  • Christmas Tree 2.5 feet tall
  • Tiffany Color CC's
  • Baby Bum in Blue
  • Camo and Browning
  • Sports
  • Baby Bum Cake
  • Cinderella
  • Dora the explorer
  • Red, Black Bandanna Cake 2 tier, bandanna bottom , blue top tier with horseshoes and spur.
  • Hair Dresser Cake
  • Onesie Baby Bum Cake
  • Jenn's wedding 5 tier, vanilla cake and bc icing covered with fondant.  Covered in swirls and guava roses and dogwood blossoms.  Yellow...
  • Playstation 3 Playstation 3 with controller and coke can
  • Octopus and Turtle Cake Fashioned from the nursery set the mother chose.
  • Birthday Cake
  • Spongebob Birthday Cake
  • Elmo Birthday Cake
  • Goth Cake
  • Beach Birthday Cake This was a birthday cake for a man.  He liked the beach and so I made it so.  Down on...
  • White 50th Anniversary Cake
  • Tinkerbell Cake
  • Babybum Cake
  • Transformer Bumblebee Cake
  • Frog
  • EMT CC Cake
  • Camden's Birthday Surprise 2 tiers covered with fondant.  Bottom is football field.  Top is basketball floor and rim.Basketball, football, baseball, soccer ball, tennis...
  • Ivory/Gold Red Roses Round, 3 tier, Ivory BC icing with gold curls.  Red roses, cream flowers and greenery.  Cake is red velvet and...
  • Perry the Platypus Vanilla cake covered with fondant.  Hat and brim, arms and legs, and button rkt covered with fondant.  Mouth all fondant....
  • BET BET'S Cake
  • Dora in Pink
  • Baseball Cake
  • Dallas Cowboys Cake Vanilla cake with BC icing with fondant accents
  • Zebra Cake
  • Eclipse Book Cake
  • The Mandy Bagwell Collection This cake was designed from the Mandy Bagwell Collection.  They are dishes that the client has registered for her wedding....
  • King of the Jungle Made for a friend's baby shower. This is her nursery theme and so I thought it would be nice to...
  • Zebra Cake with Hot Pink Flowers Zebra cake with hot pink flowers.  Chocolate cake with chocolate icing covered with fondant and zebra strips.  Hot pink handmade...
  • UNC Birthday Cake UNC logo cake made for a young teen's birthday.  His mother, who ordered it, said he just loved everything UNC....
  • Kindergarten Graduation This cake was made for my grandson's Kindergarten Graduation, June 3rd, 2010.  I loved making it.  Everything is edible.  Vanilla...
  • Green Beret Cake I made this cake for a girl who's boyfriend became a Green Beret.  She wanted to celebrate with a cake...
  • Lightening McQueen This cake was done for a little boy who is turning 4.  He loves Lightening McQueen and his mother wanted...
  • Flowers and Butterflies 2 tier, chocolate bottom tier and vanilla top tier, vanilla bc icing and covered with green fondant.  All handmade flowers...
  • Soccer Cupcake Cake This cake was made for my grandson's soccer's team party.  It had 28 cupcakes.  All vanilla, with white bc icing...
  • Blue and White Birthday Cake This was a pound cake covered with  white buttercream icing and blue roses and one Tarheel emblem.  It was for...
  • Dora Cake This cake turned great.  The icing is the whipped icing with fondant "Dora".  Her face looks discolored but it wasn't...
  • Gambling cake This is my first topsy turvy cake.  It was not all I had hoped it would be.  It started out...
  • Red and White Wedding Cake Red velvet and butter cream icing with purchased ribbon.  Tried to get it straight but couldn't for some reason.  This...
  • Easter Bunny Easter Bunny Cupcake Cake.  36 cupcakes with butter cream icing made for my grandson's kindergarten class for Easter.  They loved...
  • UNC Cupcake Cake 42 cup cakes decorated as one cake with UNC emblem on top.
  • Black and White Puppy Dog This cake was made for a friend's little girl.  It was her 2nd birthday.  She likes dalmatians.   It is vanilla...
  • Pink, Green, Blue, and Wine Wedding Cake Strawberry Cake with strawberry cream cheese filling with buttercream icing with fondant accents
  • Duke Cake Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese icingFondant Demon Deacon Duke Emblem
  • Superbowl 2010 Vanilla cake with buttercream icing.  Purchased figures.
  • Air Force Cake Red Velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream icing.  Fondant emblem with purchased jets.
  • Superbowl 2010 Vanilla and chocolate cake with buttercream icing.  Used the football cake pan twice and placed one on top of each...
  • The Black Cauldron Cake Vanilla cake with painted fondant.  Gummy eyeballs, snakes, fingertips and teeth.  Fondant brain.
  • NY Yankees NY Yankees cake with butter cream icing and fondant NY Logo.Copied from a cake seen on Cake central.
  • UNC Logo UNC Logo cake with butter cream icing and fondant logo
  • Pumpkin time Pumpkin cake with fondant leaves, stem and vine.
  • White cake with blue and white Gerbera daisies Marble cake with white cream cheese butter cream icing.  Handmade blue and white Gerbera daisies with brown centers and handmade...
  • UNC Logo Marble cake with chocolate cream cheese butter cream icing.  UNC logo is made out of fondant and face of ram...
  • Gone to the beach All butter cream icing and fondant blanket, glasses, visor, flip flops and book.  Purchased umbrella and chair.
  • Alligator Cake A birthday cake made out of cup cakes, decorated as a whole in to an alligator
  • Birthday cake All butter cream icing.
  • Pretty in Pink All butter cream. From another cake seen on Cake Central, thought it was so beautiful that I had to copy...
  • Class cake final Vanilla cake with white butter cream and royal icing flowers.
  • Chocolate Birthday Cake Vanilla cake with chocolate cream cheese butter cream icing.
  • Royal Icing Flowers Class final.  Vanilla cake covered with fondant.Royal icing flowers.
  • Pink and White Wedding Cake Vanilla cake with pink and white butter cream icing.  Silk flowers.
  • Wedding Cake 3 tiered Wedding Cake made for my son and daughter-in-law,  Vanilla cake with butter cream icing.  Red fondant flowers with...
  • 50th Wedding Anniversary

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