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  •  British Royal Marine Retirement Cake   Made for my husbands retirement "do" to celebrate almost 30 years in the corp! All hand carved sponge with edible badges
  •  Poppy Field 80Th Birthday Cake   Fondant covered victoria sponge made for a lady who loved pictures of poppy fields
  •  Harp Seals   18th birthday cake for young lady who loves seals!
  •  80's Theme Cake   Pac Man, Rubics Cube and Gremlin - many thanks to numerous CC'ers for the inspiration!!
  •  Cookie House   Ginger flavoured cookie covered in sweeties with sugar stain glass windows with battery light
  •  Manic   hand carved covered in fondant
  •  Candy Stripe   White fondant covered cake with gumpaste flowers and butterfly
  •  Calla Lillies
  •  Topsy Turvey Wedding Cake   Bottom Tier Victoria sponge, middle tier Chocolate, toptier fruit covered in fondant. Purple is spray painted
  •  Chocolate Heaven  Totally chocolate except the shoe! Chocolate sponge covered in chocolate fondant, drizzled in chocolate with chocolate roses, chocolate...
  •  Mp3   for my neice who has a yellow nana & loves glee!! vanilla sponge with yellow fondant - "screen" handpainted gumpaste
  •  21St Birthday Purple Shoe   victoria sponge covered in purple fondant with gumpaste stiletto
  •  Cleaning Lady Retirement Cake   8*7" + 1* 9" Victoria sponge covered in red fondant, for a Royal Mail cleaning lady