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  • Here comes the bride Bridal shower! Brides chosen colors were gray, blush and silver.   Heart shaped bodice, plaques with flower bouquets, wedding cakes...
  • Pumpkin patch Pumpkin patch variety
  • No so Itsy bitsy spider  Itsy bitsy spider song. Customer want a huge spider.
  • Birthday treats! Sundaes, ice cream cones, and birthday cakes
  • Puppy Paws Resque Pink and Paws theme
  • Dutch Heritage Set Dutch Heritage set
  • Turtle cookies New round of turtles! This time they are airbrushed and not hand painted!
  • Autumn and pumpkins Autumn plaque. Airbrushed stencil. Pumpkin transfer.
  • Flower Lazy Susan Daisy Flower, Lazy Susan, Daisy.
  • Butterfly Shades Of Purple Hand Cut And Airbrushed Butterfly. Shades of purple. Hand cut and airbrushed!
  • Jack O Lantern Hand Cut And Airbrushed Tutorial Found Sugarbelles Jack-O-Lantern. Hand cut and Airbrushed. Tutorial found @ Sugarbelle's
  • Pumpkin Hand Cut And Airbrushed Pumpkin. Hand cut and airbrushed!
  • Autumn Is Here Airbrushed Pumpkin Autumn is here! Airbrushed pumpkin!
  • Minecraft Themed Birthday Party Minecraft themed birthday party
  • 16th Birthday Drivers License 16th Birthday, Drivers license
  • Wedding Cake Fruit With No Icing Filled Dusted With Powdered Sugar Wedding cake/ Fruit with no icing. Filled Dusted with powdered sugar.
  • First attempt at cookie art Skunk, Sugarbelle's design! My first attempt at decorating cookies.
  • Easter platter Easter cookies. Easter eggs, bunnies, rabbits and carrots. Polka dot crazy!
  • Zebra rolled sugar cookies Zebra cookie using rabbit cookie cutter. Jill FCS inspired cookies!
  • Happy Valentine Hearts Happy Valentine Hearts
  • Tinkerbell Waterfall Tinkerbell, waterfall
  • Princess Castle Princess castle
  • Fishing Fishing
  • M And Ms *M and M's
  • My first Wedding
  • Snare Drum Snare Drum
  • Bling black and white cake inspired by kathyx1 Thanks for posting Kathy!  First attempt at the quilting. Much harder than it looks!!  White cake...
  • buggy fondant critters
  • Camping Trip Camping Fishing Trip
  • Baby stroller
  • Thomas Tank Engine Butter cream Icing / White cake for a Thomas Fan.
  • Scoreboard The young boy this cake is for is facinated by scoreboards.
  • Spring round cake pineapple mandarin orange filling. My friend wanted spring colors!
  • Tree of Life Round white cake with raspberry filling. Plaid matches family kilt pattern.  Tree of Life is my 1st  frozen butter cream...
  • First Topsy-Turvy My first attempt at a topsy turvy cake. Boy was this one tough!
  • Monster Drink First time shaping a cake. Needs more work.
  • Puppy cake Puppy cake for a big dog fan!! Dog is two cupcakes
  • Peace baby Customer wanted these colors and peace signs.  Two tier.
  • First Wedding cake Square Fondant covered 3 tiered  wedding cake with pineapple mandarin orange filling. The bride asked for a very simple wedding...
  • A Gator for Steve  (Nickname is Gator) Cup cakes arrange on a chocolate sheet cake !
  • Graduation University Graduation cake for a New School teacher!
  • Lady bug Ladybug birthday cake
  • Christening Cake My friend Asked for lime green and hot pink!  White cake with pineapple cream filling and buttercream icing!
  • 25 Years Anniversary Cake for my sister's 25 Wedding Anniversary! Thought I could Pipe Flowers but my hand had not healed enough....
  • I Want My Mummy
  • All about the roses This is the first time I made chocolate clay roses.
  • Sunflowers Sunflowers, From my favorite book!!
  • Rock Band Drum Set Made this cake for Grandson who loves to play drums on his PS3 Rock Band.
  • Fish Bowl Can't claim idea but they were sure fun to make!
  • Disappearing down the rabbit hole Fun and easy cupcakes to do!!
  • Grandma's Garden My 10 year old Grandson had a blast helping me make these cupcakes.  We used sandwich cookies for dirt and...
  • First Fondant Cake First time Fondant Cake!!  I made this for a friend's Baby shower. They wanted it to match the invitation.  White...

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