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  • Lightning Mc Queen For my son's 3rd birthday.....He was so excited that he took it out of the refrigerator to show it to...
  • Brush Embroidery Shortbread Cookies Any suggestions for improvements are welcome! Based it on Toba Garret's Book.
  • Marzipan fruits and vegetables
  • Final cake at Toba Garrett's class Mocha Amaretto BC with chocolate rose
  • Petit Fours
  • Orange cake with lemon filling Not a typical baby shower design. But was running out of time. So decided to do this design and wanted...
  • Ribbon Roses Bouquet of flowers with ribbon roses. Strawberry cake with strawberry and cream filling. Thanks everyone for the excellent inspirations. Needs...
  • My first ever tiered cake I made this cake for my Wilton 3 class. I had some issues with baking the cakes. The center of...
  • First cake from Wilton class 3 The hot pink looks like orange
  • Cupcake Gator From Hello, Cupcakes...
  • My second fondant cake I made this cake for my son's 1st year birthday party
  • My 3rd Fondant Cake
  • Calla Lily and a bumble bee This is my first time ever decorating a cake with fondant (not a class). This is a chocolate cake with...

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