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  • Lavender Butterflies Butterflies are hand piped of chocolate
  • Tinkerbell
  • Black and White Beaded Wedding Cake
  • MOVING excavator!! HUGE excavator for a local compaines birthday/christmas party!  and it moves!!!
  • Nightmare Before Christmas Jack is gumpaste, fence and moon is piped royal icing, gate is RK coved in fondant, 3 8" covered in...
  • Golf Bag 3 6", covered in modeling chocolate, clubs are gumpaste, ball is RK covered in fondant.....thank you to all the past...
  • Topsy Turvey Birthday
  • Red Fox Tavern Birthday Cake
  • Bobbing For Apples
  • Chanel Bag with Calvin Klein Wallet
  • Dinosaur Eating Birthday Cake!
  • Lady Harley Davidson Handbag
  • Wedding Dress
  • Pyramid and Mummy
  • Birthday Cake with slice cut out
  • ed hardy handbag free hand design with edible markers on buttercream fondant, 3 6" tiers
  • Twin Pirates Twin boys birthday.
  • ChinaTown
  • Nascar Earnhardt Cake Flag  is solid chocolate with fondant black checkers
  • Purple Handbag
  • OSU Helmet Helmet sculpted form RK and detailed in buttercream fondant
  • Pink Studded Jimmy Choo All edible.
  • john deere tractor
  • 2" babycake!
  • Cherry Blossoms
  • 1282653659.jpg
  • Wedding cookie favors
  • Bride and Groom Sugar Cookies
  • Bridal Gown All Fondant.
  • Pirate Ship 2 10" squares cut and stacked then carved, covered in modeling cocolate, sails in gumpaste, pirate is modeling chocolate too!...
  • Red Orchid Wedding Gumpaste Orchids, RK figures coverd in Fondndt, RI piping
  • summer birthday white butter cake with orange marmalade meringue buttercream, chocolate butterflies, hand painted royal icing flowers and  top tier
  • Birthday Present Cake Caramelized Brown Sugar Sponge with Fudge Swirl filled with Dark Chocoalte Fudge.  Covered entirely with Rolled Chocolate (modeling Chocolate).  The...
  • Hawaii Wedding Sand from RAW sugar, seashells are hand sculped rice krispy treats covered in buttercream fondant, painted with pearl luster dust.
  • Pharmacist Graduation Cake Chocolate Bourbon Cake with Dark Chocolate Fudge Filling, covered in buttercream fondant.  Decorations all edible made from rice krispy treats...
  • High School Drill Team Kick Line
  • Green and Navy Ribbon Box Cake
  • Spaghetti Breast Cancer Spaghetti Dinner Benefit Auction Cake.  My pleasure to donate.  TFL
  • Tooth Roots are rice krispy, tooth is 4 layers of cake and filling, covered in Fondant.  Birthday Surprise from a husband...
  • Garbage can 3 Layers of Lemon Caramelized brown sugar sponge filled with lemon curd, vanilla merigune buttercream and rasberry preserves.  Covered in...
  • CareBear Buttercream Fondant over rice krispy head, arms and legs.  Choc Burbon Cake with Vanilla Merigune Buttercream body.  Super fun for...
  • Coach Pills Perscription Pill Bottle for Soccer/cheerleading/softball coach!  Chocolate Bourbon Cake with Peanut Butter Fill.  Buttercream Fondant.
  • Bunny Cookies Dont know who did these last year but I put them in my favorites just waiting for spring.  Thank you...
  • Mario Bros Cake Caramelized Brown Sugar Sponge (4 layers) with Dark Choco Ganache Buttercream fill.  Mario and the flower are RKT.  Buttercream Fondant....
  • Birthday Cake Caramelied Brown Sugar Sponge, Peanutbutter Mouse, crumled PB cups, sponge, vanilla merigune buttercream, sponge, cocoa meriune buttercream, crumbled oreo cookies,...
  • Choclate Heart Box Caamelized Brown Sugar Sponge with Vanilla Merigune BUttrcream and Rasberry fill.  The most amazing ButtercreamFondant (the find that changed my...
  • Grand Gala Cake for Historical Theater I was commissioned to make this cake for a historical theater that just re-opened after a 5.4 million renovation/addition!  It...
  • Clutch on stool with manolo shoes and box Made this for a bridal show to show idea for bridal shower and to remind brides of grooms cakes!  It...
  • Purple with Burnt Orange Roses
  • Vintage Flowers and Butterflies Inspiraton from ChandelierCakeChick....thank you!  Made this for a bridal show.
  • MMF Covered Cake Ball Reindeer
  • Hippie VW Van Chocolate Burbon Cake with Cookie and Cream Filling...all MMF decorations.  10 yo Birthday Party
  • Studio 19 - An Unexpeted Pleasure for a spa cust appreciation event...there tag line is "an unexpected pleasure" ...All MMF fondant decorations.
  • Chrstmas Penguins Southern Re Velvet, 4 tiers 8", DCC, and MMF.  This is for a ChristmasParty for women who all work together....a...
  • Haring Jewelrs Ring Box Chocolate Bourbon Cake with Dark Chocolte Ganache BC covered in MMF.  RIng is gumpaste band and RI piped diamond and...
  • Chanel Bag I've seen one you've seen them all...but the client gets what the client wants!  Inspired from the many bag...
  • Crown Jewels 8" and 6" rounds covered in MMF.....Crown and Necklce RI with poured sugar diamond accent.....dusted with pink and silver luster...
  • Butler Elementary School My girls school was awarded the National Blue Ribbon of 320 out of over 100,000 schools.  There were lots...
  • Wicked Witch of the West chocolate burbon cake with chocolate mocha meriune buttercrem and mmf fondant, all edible
  • Tequila Shot at Corner Bar Seat Chocolate Burbon Cake with Chocolate Mocha Merigune Buttercream (the favorite around here)...covered in MMF...MMF salt shaker, napkin, and lemon......poured sugar...
  • Ghost Cake Balls Chocolate Mocha Burbon Cake with Chocolate Mocha Merigune Buttercream hold them together, covered in MMFand then han painted.
  • Jimmy Choo Shoe Box
  • 1st Jimmy Choo Shoe Shoe Box Cake to come next week...hubby surprised me with a long weekend in New Orleans!
  • Cigar and Ashtray for local Cigar Shop
  • Sushi Anyone! I have a good friend who LOVES sushi!  Thank you to all the CC sushi cakes before for all the...
  • Posh Pout Cookies
  • Pond Birthday Cake This is a "special" pond me and my daughter spent a lot of time at....she loves to catch frogs!
  • Coffee Cups for Coffee Shop Signatue Desert 4" cakes in buttercream and chocolate
  • Posh Boutique Cookie
  • White Cake with BC design from favorite serving plate.
  • Simply Marylin White cake with rasberry merigune buttercream coverd in MMMF.  Marylin is MMF also painted with pearl luster dust.  Made for...
  • Lady Bug CupCake
  • Birthday Cake Cookie
  • Sponge Bob
  • Baby Birdie Nest
  • Constance Wedding Cake

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