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  •  First Birthday - Wild Animals   Chocolate cake with BC and Fondant. Haven't seen the photos yet, but I heard the cake was a hit!
  •  Cowgirl Cake
  •  Mermaid, Whale  I made this cake for my sister's twin girls who had a mermaid party. Choc Cake, BC, Fondant. The one asked me who ate the piece of...
  •  Stig
  •  Hawaii Theme Cake And Cupcakes   Hawaii theme cake and cupcakes
  •  I Got This Design From The Internet A Long Time Ago Probably Cc If It Is Someone On Cc Thank You Made Some Changes And The Client Wa  I got this design from the internet a long time ago - probably CC. If it is someone on CC - thank you. Made some changes and the client was...
  •  Smurfette   Vanilla cake, BC, Fondant. Smurfette is a toy and Ladybird a choclate, rest fondant. Thanks for looking.
  •  Christmas Babies
  •  Fairy Princess
  •  Christening Cupcakes Boy
  •  Books   Made these cupcakes for a lady's bookclub meeting.
  •  Daschund   I was a bit scared to make this one, but at the end I think it turned out okay.
  •  Wedding  I do not really do wedding cakes (too scared of brides - LOL), but this one was for a teacher at my daughter's school and she is very...