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  • 70th! thanks for looking.
  • toilet cake!
  • Rob's Buffday. this was a quick and easy option for me,its a victoria sponge cake with cream filling. Inspiration 4rm lorraine.thanks for...
  • baby rump! my first baby rump cake, inspiration from Cc.
  • Thank u retirement cake.
  • baby shoes this is my first baby shoes, quite complicated  with all the colors, it was made from left over MMF ,i...
  • mooey cow. big headded cow, inspiration from lorraine
  • Elley..
  • pinga. had fun making this one, thanx to aine2's demo.
  • tweety bird. confused tweety "tot she thaw a putty cat!
  • ice age. "Eye on d price"  this one i like, made it twice from a toy but overall, i'm happy...yay!
  • POOH! made another, can't seem to get enough, this one's quite fat i fink!
  • piglet
  • puppy love. ain't she a cutie!
  • froggy one of my numerous first animals
  • lemoniciuos! tasteful lemon sponge cake covered in butter icing and stiff BI roses.