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  • Army tank
  • Candy Castle
  • Money cake
  • Doctor i did this cake for someone who pass a test to be a heart doctor
  • Spider cupcakes
  • Ghost Cupcakes
  • watermelon and ants
  • New England Patriots Skateboard i did this cake for my nephew 9 th birthday,he  likes the patriots and skateboarding.
  • cupcake flowers
  • Boxing Ring cake
  • Teacher retirement i did this cake for a teacher's retirement. The chalk board says cool beans that is what the teacher always...
  • Snow White
  • Snow White and the seven dwarfs cottage
  • La Lakers
  • Dora The Explorer I made this cake for twins.
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Easter
  • Princess Castle This is my first time making a castle cake.
  • Star Wars cupcake cake I made this huge cupcake cake for my son. I think it had like 110 cupcakes. It was huge.
  • 13th birthday i made this one for my niece. She turned 13. It was my first time using gum paste for the...
  • Skittles Candy Cake I made this cake for my niece. Her nickname is skittles.
  • Flamingo cupcake cake I made this cupcake cake for my niece who loves flamingos. The flamingo is on a cell phone, wearing vans...
  • Lotto Ticket I made this cake for my uncle who turned 50. He loves playing the lottery,
  • Dallas Cowboy cheerleader Dallas Cowboy cheerleader.
  • Football field
  • Santa Santa cake with rice crispies as the chimney
  • Marbles I did this one from using a ball pan
  • Raiders football field
  • Shopping Bag i did this one for a friend who loves to shop at crate and barrel.
  • pumpkin
  • Tequilla this tequilla cake i did for a friends birthday.
  • iphone I did this cake for a friend who loves to play bejeweled on his iphone
  • Budlight This was my first time working with fondant.
  • Jack Daniels bottle For a person who loves Jack!!!!!
  • Little Mermaid I did this cake for my sisters birthday.
  • 4 leaf clover I made this cake from using a 6inch heart shaped cake pan.
  • Tinkerbell This was a last minute idea for a Tinkerbell cake
  • Jack Daniels Bottle I did this one for a friend who loves jack.
  • Star Wars This onefor my little star wars fan.
  • Football cowboys I did this football for a cowboy  fan
  • Baseball I did this cake for my son's birthday
  • Under the sea Cake I did this cake for a under the sea theme party
  • Ninja Turtles Michelangleo This cake I did for my sons birthday. And we couldn't have only one turtle so I made them all.

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