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  • Starry Night Hand Painted Cake For A Special Person Who Loves The Original Painting I Decided To Use Brighter Colors To Make It Happier Starry night: hand-painted cake for a special person who loves the original painting. I decided to use brighter colors to...
  • Who Can Guess What The Birthday Girl Is A Fan Of I Decided Not To Go Too Literal Or Too Childish With The Theme Who can guess what the birthday girl is a fan of? I decided not to go too literal or too...
  • Winter Wonderland Small cake with hand-painted and fondant decorations
  • My First Attempt In Making A Gumpste Stiletto I Used Kit By Way Beyond Cakes By Mayen *my first attempt in making a gumpste stiletto. I used kit by Way beyond cakes by Mayen
  • half-white half-chocolate *Here is my version of half-n-half wedding cake
  • buttercream ruffles *6 inch double barrel cake with Italian meringue buttercream ruffles in ombe effect
  • Rosettes and pleats *I made this small cake for a bridal show last week. It was 4, 6, and 8 inches covered in...
  • 2 D Fondant Cutout *2 D fondant cutout
  • 530649 10151322024728971 1160418604 Njpeg *
  • Veneloppe *
  • Teletubby *This Teletubby was for my son's 2nd birthday. He loved it
  • Winter wedding cake gumpaste poinsettias and gold
  • Winter Wedding Cake In Buttercream Winter wedding cake in buttercream
  • 6946 10151260722948971 1188557061 Njpeg
  • 31540 10151259411678971 468528051 Njpeg
  • Pink sprinkles
  • Nightmare before Christmas
  • Bison German chocolate cake iced with chocolate Italian meringue buttercream with a fondant circle on top with hand-painted bison (and there...
  • Matryoshka Matryoshka (Russian nesting doll) baby shower cake (buttercream with hand-painted Matryoshka and fondant decorations)
  • roses 12, 10, 8, 6, and 4 inch round wedding cake (buttercream and gumpaste flowers)
  • baby bottom
  • KISS
  • MAC cosmetics cake A client gave me a pic with an actual cake, so this wasn't my idea, but I still loved the...
  • baby girl
  • Suzuki bike the bike matched b-day guy's real bike.
  • Superman and Superwoman babies Inspired by CakesSoCool
  • Sprinkles and pops Mario world This is what my son wanted: a rainbow cake with sprinkles, pops, strawberries, and Mario in his kart!
  • rustic wedding cake
  • Chocolate and berries This is one of the most popular cakes for wedding and birthdays
  • bows 10, 8, 6, and 4 inch round cakes iced with white chocolate buttercream, decorated with fondant bows; one of my...
  • Blue fantasy flowers 6, 8, and 10 inch
  • Sea turtle This is definitely one of my favs!
  • Space Angry Bird 6" ball cake
  • chocolate and fruit
  • Belle fondant/gumpaste Belle
  • Bowser's castle
  • 1314986658.jpg
  • Belly and zebra My first belly cake!
  • Safari Friends
  • Mario and Peach My son (5) is a big fan of Mario and Peach and he wanted to have a cake like that...
  • 1282581837.jpg
  • Gerbera daisies
  • Smaller version of my daisies wedding cake
  • My first wedding cake I am very proud of my cake!It's iced with white chocolate buttercream
  • Monkey Monkey cake matching the invitations
  • Zebra in teal White chocolate buttercream with fondant accents and silk gerbera daisy
  • WCU graduate Strawberry cake with White chocolate buttercream;colors are purple and gold (WCU colors)
  • Horses I got the idea for the horses from CC (it was3 tier cake), I am sorry, I don't the name.It...
  • Housewarming cake Chocolate cake with cannoli filling; vanilla cake with raspberries; iced with IMBC
  • Sweet Sixteen
  • Pink chocolate Bottom: Chocolate buttercream (chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and almonds filling);Bottom: white chocolate buttercream (vanilla cake with vanilla pastry cream)Fondant...
  • PRETTY IN PINK Chocolate cake with strawberries and white chocolate buttercream (and fondant flowers)
  • Birthday cake for a guy Another one of my fresh fruit and whipped cream cakes
  • Peanut crunch This buttercream rocks! It's Cake Love recipe (pastry cream based buttercream with peanuts)
  • Happy Easter! This is first topsy-turvy and first fondant cake... I know, know... sloppy ;-) But I liked my RI lilies  and...
  • Another whipped cream and berries (yummy) Devil's food with whipped cream and berries (mandarin oranges and whipped cream inside)
  • Pretty in Pink Coffee/chocolate mini cupcakes with chocolate ganache and pink white chocolate buttercream
  • Pink Zebra Girl wanted pink, zebra, flowers, hearts, and dots. And she got them ;-)The bottom cake: vanilla cake, strawberry, vanilla, with...
  • Whipped cream and fruit My favorite kind...
  • Go Diego Go! I got the idea from Dorie67. Thanks!
  • Handy Manny BC and RI tools
  • Dinosaur I really like this cake! Dino cake - vanilla cake with chocolate pudding/cream cheese layers; caramel/brown butter frosting;Bottom cake -...
  • Giant CUpcake I had different picture in mind... It didn't end up as pretty as I thought it would. It's a chocolate...
  • for Hiddy Apricot cake with apricots and whipped cream layer, decorated with whipped cream and fresh fruit for a retiring librarian
  • Apricots Apricot cupcakes with apricot glaze and apricot buttercream
  • chocolate on chocolate on chocolate chocolate fudge cupcakes with chocolate ganache and white chocolate frosting
  • Minnesota Vikings I don't know anything about football, but thanks to CC and little research, I was able to make this cake...
  • More hearts... Lemon sugar cookies with lemon glaze
  • Meringue mini cupcakes with dark chocolate ribbons meringue frosting; yellow cake.
  • The Best Frosting Ever The best frosting ever!
  • GINGERBREAD MEN Some of the men were actually personalized (I covered everybody in my family)
  • Valenine's Hearts Cookies with color flow
  • Goodbye Tummy lemon cake with whipped cream and fruit layers; iced with whipped cream; color flow pregnant girl's silhouette
  • Jurrasic Park chocolate brown butter icing; candy (rocks); crumbled cookies (path)
  • 2nd course final cake I am very proud of it.
  • Bibi's Rattle Lemon cake with pineapple bc
  • Castle
  • Brown butter and caramel cupcakes The best cupcakes ever! Brown butter frosting and caramel cupcakes
  • Mango, kiwi, blueberries This a lemon cake with whipped cream and pineapple layer, frosted with whipped cream and decorated with fruit
  • Castle This is Wilton's design. I think, the result was very cute.
  • Baby carriage White chocolate cake with white chocolate BC (strawberry filling). I got the idea from numerous carriage cakes on CC. Thank...
  • GOAL! I made this cake last week for my son's 4th b-day. The ball was a yellow cake with white chocolate...
  • Another Very Berry Strawberry flavored yellow cake with whipped cream and fruit layers; white chocolate BC frosting, chocolate ganache
  • gambler's treat I was inspired by the cake from CC (by Teknosugar), but I used white chocolate BC exclusively.Bottom cake: coffee and...
  • CHERRY ON TOP My second attempt to make cupcakes. I think, it was a success. Frosting was die for, so easy to pipe......
  • BERRY DELIGHT White cake with whipped cream and fruit fillings; white chocolate BC frosting, chocolate ganache and berries
  • Basket This is my first attempt to make a basket weave. I was surprised that I could pull it off (I...
  • Rocket ship Rocket ship birthday cake (chocolate spice cake with whipped cream and strawberries; black tea [dome] cake with pistachio whipped cream...
  • Hunter's birthday cake Chocolate spiced cake with whipped cream, pistachio pudding and pineapple filling, and chocolate bc frosting
  • Booties and rattles Baby shower cake for a girl (chocolate cake with whipped cream icing and filling)
  • Fruit delight Chocolate cake with whipped cream and fresh fruit
  • BIG DEAL Whipped cream and fruit birthday cake for my friend
  • Anniversary Cake for the WCU library Devil's food with whipped cream and strawberries
  • Race track
  • Here come the spiders Halloween theme Birthday Cake

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