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  • White And Purple Wedding Cake Inspired By Cake That White and purple wedding cake. Inspired by cake that.
  • Cheeky Monkey Cake Inspired By Invitation Cheeky monkey cake! Inspired by invitation.
  • Cake For A Chiropractor Cake for a chiropractor!
  • Barbie Princess Birthday Cake Barbie Princess Birthday cake
  • White Ruffle Wedding Cake Inspired By Another Design Sorry Unsure Of Artist This Is 12 10 86 Tfl White ruffle Wedding cake. Inspired by another design - sorry unsure of Artist.This is  12", 10", 8",6"TFL :)
  • Turquoise Dahlia Birthday This cake was my first attempt at stencilling... Hmmm more practise needed :) But all in all You can't tell...
  • Love Vintage This was inspired by another Design... I am not sure of who as it was just a picture, But if...
  • Dsc00266jpg
  • elements skateboard Everything edible except a straw and skewer used as the axel so the wheels spin. TFL
  • Topsy turvey squiggle My first topsy turvey. design is inspired by another cake, sorry not sure who. TFL
  • Hello kitty fairy
  • Chocolate Shard Wedding My first attempt at a chocolate shard cake bottom tier is 3 x 9" cakes top is a dummy. cake...
  • Coloured ombre Wedding Cake This is a design fro sugablossom cakes. Thank you for your help :) I made this for my Engagement party!...
  • Gift box
  • Butterfly 80th
  • Electric Guitar
  • Spiderman
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Shoe box cake
  • Yellow Roses Wedding cake with fondant roses.
  • Sewing Cake 60th for a sewer!
  • Justin Bieber Birthday For a bieber fan! edible omag and fondant accents
  • Cyclist cake this cake is for a cyclist, used the puzzle piece method on a photo of the cyclist and his bike....
  • Paris Cake theme Fondant tower with piping, fondant accents. TFL!
  • Dumbo Dumbo cake for my one year old son, caramel mud and white choc passionfruit mud, all fondant accents
  • purple and turquoise Engagement cake with purple and turquoise accents
  • Europe n UK souvenir Cake My friend came back from her travels and i made this cake of all the places she visited tfl!
  • Mario
  • Smurfette Cake Caramel mud, white choc ganache, Fonfand accents! TFL!
  • Dora Cake My little girls 3rd birthday cake! loves dora! choc orange mud with choc orange ganache. fondant dora and accents.
  • Frangipani Wedding My first wedding cake! Choc mud cake with fondant accents. TFL!
  • Lightning Mcqueen choc mud with choc ganache, car is RKT, covered in fondant. TFL!
  • Bali Cake This is for my mum who loves the Bali style and loves elephants. It is 3x 4inch rounds stacked about...
  • Pony Cake This cake is for a little girl who was turning 5. Had inspiration from many other cakes on CC. White...
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Western 21st 11 inch Choc mud and choc ganache with fondant accents.
  • Graduation Hat Cake University Graduation Cake, 2 x 7 " stacked and carved choc mud cakes. Fondant accents.TFL!
  • Baby Girl Rump Cake My first Baby Rump Cake for baby shower. Choc Mud and fondant accents. TFL!
  • The Artist's Cake This is for a gentlemen who loves painting and saxaphones! It is a chocolate mud  with chocolate ganache, fondant accents....
  • Engagement Cake I made this cake for my friends engagement. Her partner used a an aeroplane with a banner to propose so...
  • Travel Bug This cake was for a friend about to go traveling, Choc Mud cake with fondant accents. Got this design from...
  • Juicy Couture Handbag Juicy bag chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache covered in fondant with fondant accents. Makeup and brush is also fondant.
  • Elvis Gold Records This is a choc mud cake for my dads birthday who is a big Elvis fan. Decided to go with...
  • Cowgirl cake Cowgirl cake inspired by Kara76.Chocolate mud cake. All accents in fondant.Used kathy's Boot template
  • Surprise Cake Dorothy White choc cake with white choc filling, Dorothy and and cake covering all fondant.
  • Lollipop Cake Lollipop cake for my girls first birthday. This is my fourth cake. So still learning as I go.Cracked a bit...
  • B.O.B This is my first 3d cake, I haven't had any classes just grabbed bits of info off here and other...