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  • Martini Glass Confetti cake, covered in mmf. 12" square cut diagonally and stacked, carved stem from center of 10" round, and used...
  • Good Ole 45s Chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream covered in mmf.
  • Hello Kitty Vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream, covered in MMF.  Used Hello Kitty cake pan...
  • Puppy Cake Always wanted to give this one a try....
  • 1284635801.JPG
  • Yankees Birthday 13 year old Yankee fan.  Vanilla cake covered in mmf.
  • Girl Scout Bridging Vanilla cake with buttercream and mmf accents.  Rainbow bridge is half of 6" layer.
  • Around the World Farewell 8th grade farewell cake.  choc and vanilla covered in mmf.
  • Black and Silver
  • Bouquet of Daisies MMF daisies filled in with buttercream flowers.  Rolled mmf stems.  Got the the idea from CC...thanks!
  • Wedding Gown Bridal shower cake.  Skirt is mini wonder mold, all covered in mmf.  Learned from CC.  Thanks all!
  • Girly Pirate Skull Vanilla cake with vanilla BC and MMF.  Made to match the party theme.
  • My Favorite Things Birthday cake including all of birthday girl's favorite things.  All mmf.
  • 2nd Birthday... on Easter Chocolate cake covered in BC, with fondant track, cars and bunny.
  • Bunny Topper Fondant Bunny going on top of a cake this week.
  • Fondant topper Going on a racetrack cake.....saw the idea, and had to give it a try.
  • Polka Dots Chocolate cake with mocha filling, covered in mmf.
  • Bunny Yellow pound cake covered in BC with MMF accents.
  • Baptism Cross choc cake covered in BC and fondant bow
  • Lamby Birthday Lamby is yellow pound cake covered in BC with MMF arms, legs, ears and face.  Cake is chocolate with BC...
  • X BOX XBOX controller for video gamer's birthday.  Choc cake covered in mmf.
  • basketball jersey Made to look like school team that won Districts.  Choc cake covered in mmf.
  • Ladybug Body covered in buttercream, head in mmf
  • Ladybugs Reg and mini cupcakes.  piped grass, m&m piped with black accents for ladybug
  • Yoga Fanatic Birthday yellow cake roll w/mocha bc covered in mmf with mmf yoga girl and accents
  • Basketball/Baseball Cake Birthday is celebrated as basketball season ends and baseball season begins.  Half ball pan to make basketball covered in mmf...
  • Valentine's Birthday choc cake with vanilla bc filling, covered in Fondarific.
  • Snowman Snowed in with the kids and this was our project, got help from the baking to the decorating.  Carved from...
  • Box of Chocolates Thanks to Bakerella for the idea!  Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing covered in fondant.  "Candy" is red velvet...
  • Holiday Birthday choc cake with raspberry filling.
  • Lemon and Wafers lemon cake with lemon filling and lemon bc with rolled vanilla wafers.
  • Dallas Cowboys Vanilla cake with vanilla bc, covered in Fondarific with gumpaste face mask.  Said I'd never do another helmet, but here...
  • Puppies! Choc and vanilla cupcakes with choc and vanilla bc.  Tongue is candy coated choc and eyes and nose are choc...
  • Fall Birthday 80th Birthday, marble cake, vanilla bc, gumpaste flowers, leaves and acorns.  Threw the lettering on very last minute, was a...
  • Chocolate and Strawberries Just a simple chocolate cake with mocha bc.
  • Yankees All choc cake w/choc bc, covered in mmf.  1st time doing a cap.....not happy with brim attachment, had some trouble...so...
  • Princess Pillow Vanilla/vanilla covered in mmf.  royal icing tiara (template from CC), which I broke at the last minute.  Now I know...
  • Princess Cupcakes Red velvet with cream cheese icing, wilton princess wrappers and plastic tiaras
  • spider cupcakes red velvet with cream cheese icing.  plastic spiders, and food color for blood.
  • Bamboo Barrel Cake chocolate cake with Peanut butter bc.  wanted it to look more rustic, used rolled wafers and reese's pieces.
  • 13th Birthday Zebra Cake She wanted zebra and pink, white cake with choc mousse filling.  All Fondarific buttercream fondant (great taste) except for numbers,...
  • Football Cupcakes Chocolate cupcakes done in team colors for football team treat
  • Autumnfest Cake banana cake with cream cheese icing.  mmf leaves and acorns.
  • Eagles Helmet Practice run, 1st shot at a 3D helmet....learned a lot....facemask gave me lots of problems (50%mmf/50%gp)...had fun though!
  • Baseball Cupcakes Baseball themed birthday party.  vanilla cake w/ vanilla bc and mmf baseballs
  • Giant cupcake 1st birthday.  1/2 choc, 1/2 vanilla, vanilla bc covered with mmf.  coordinated with reg size cupcakes.
  • flower cupcakes choc and vanilla cupcakes w/vanilla bc and fondant flowers.  Coordinated with a giant cupcake cake for 1st birthday