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  •  Baby Shower Cake Baby Made With Carlos Lischettis Book   Baby shower cake, baby made with Carlos Lischetti's book.
  •  Funky Birthday Cake Top Tier Is White Chocolate Filled With Strawberry Swiss Buttercream Bottom Tier Is Chocolate Mudcake With Strawberry  Funky Birthday Cake. Top tier is white chocolate filled with strawberry swiss buttercream, bottom tier is chocolate mudcake with strawberry...
  •  Father's Day Cake   I did this cake for my father, it tells the story of my two siblings and me. The one on the left, with a rock on the hand...
  •  Tinkerbell Cake   This cake was done for a Tinkerbell's fan. The cake is buttermilk cake filled with dulce de leche.
  •  Cheshire Cat - From Alice In Wonderland   This was my first sculpted cake, the cake was red velvet.
  •  Mom's Bday Cake   I really enjoyed making this cake!It was a yellow cake with orange flavor filled with apricot and pineapple jam (which I did also).
  •  A Bowl Of Ice Cream Or A Cupcake?   This time I'll let you decide what my cake is, because after making it I was no longer sure if I achieved what I was looking for.
  •  Hey Matey, Look I Be Rich!  All on this cake is edible (even the water!), the cake is a vanilla one, super yummy! This was my first time making a "human"...
  •  Hippo's Summertime  This is a delicious Lemon Rum cake with almonds! The cake was inspired by Maisie Parrish. This was made as a gift for a family friend, she...
  •  Two Little Cows Sitting On A Fence  I really enjoyed working on this cake, and I have to say I loooove my cows :DThe two cakes are vanilla filled with "dulce de leche&...
  •  My First Sofa!  I used a Madeira cake recipe (I'm not a fan, since those cakes are really really dry, but was perfect for practice, a real one would...
  •  Bears In Love   The little guy in the center didn't want to pay attention to my camera.