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  •  My Favorite Western  WASC 8 and 6 inch layers covered in fondant. Gumpaste figures and royal icing "paisley". Based on a picture given to me by a...
  •  Kenworth   WASC sheetcake; cream cheese transfer
  •  Lucy   Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate mousse and whipped chocolate ganache.
  •  Fishin With Grandpa   Rice cereal background covered with buttercream; fondant/gumpaste figures.
  •  Bright Purple   WASC cupcakes filled with vanilla; fondant cutouts. cream cheese frosting
  •  Sock Monkey   Practicing plaid...ugh!
  •  Lil Princess   WASC with cream cheese frosting and fondant accents.
  •  While The Sun Shines   Hay Bales of WASC and cream cheese frosting; cherry Twizzler hay "strings." John Deere hat is gumpaste and royal icing.
  •  Not A Joyful Car Ride...  This cake was perfectly level when I left! Arrived tilted from settling (cream cheese frosting; cake was not seated snuggly!). Had bag of...
  •  1285084932.jpg
  •  Cupcake Birthday   WASC with buttercream and cupcake topper. Fondant cutouts to match the invitation.
  •  Golden Anniversary   wasc with buttercream; gumpaste roses. Had to frost the cake while still warm and I had the hardest time smoothing it--
  •  Minnie Mouse   Quickie cake; wasc with cream cheese frosting

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