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  •  Ariel Cake
  •  Blue And Brown Kit Kat Cake
  •  Xbox 360
  •  Black Graduation Cap
  •  Congrats
  •  Baby Shower
  •  Kit Kat Birthday Cake   I got this idea from many of you. Thanks!! My daughter and everybody else LOVED it!! Super simple and what a hit!!
  •  Simple But Yummy Ice Cream Cake  My husband LOVES ice cream cakes so I make him one for his birthday every year. I mad it super simple this year but it was super yummy! The...
  •  Oh Toodles!   This was for my daughter's 2nd birthday. She loved it so much!! It was definitely worth all the work I put into it!
  •  Guitar Hero  I made this Guitar Hero cake for my brother's birthday and he loved it! It was so fun to see his face when he first saw it. There were...
  •  Giraffe?  Hmmm...I made this giraffe with older fondant that I kept adding shortening to so it would be so dry...it went a little bit down hill from...
  •  Practice Elephant  I decided to give it a go at a miniature elephant figurine made out of fondant. It's not perfect but at least now I know it's...
  •  Cake #3  This is my third cake and I was actually pretty proud of it. I have never seen a one layer topsy turvy cake but I thought it was worth a...