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  •  Range Rover
  •  Snoopy  This cake was done for my husband's birthday. He has always loved Snoopy. I took it to his job and all of the guys loved it and he...
  •  Cake Shoe Pump  This was done out of all cake and buttercream icing with fondant accents. The sole is made out of foamcore and the heal has a dowel in it...
  •  Snowman   First try making a snow man. Since I didn't have any fondant I just used buttercream to make all of the accents.
  •  Marta Bus Birthday Cake  This cake was done for a MARTA (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Auth.) bus driver. I used 2-7X11 French VanillaCakes and used edible images to...
  •  Marta Bus Birthday Cake  This cake was done for a MARTA (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) bus driver. His girlfriend got it for him and said that he had never...
  •  Double Hearts   Brides theme was double hearts so the cake has the double hearts piped on it and the double heart acrylic cake topper.
  •  Birthday Hat   surprise birthday, they wanted a hat that he is always wearing.
  •  Bright Colors  this cake was done for a friend's 60th birthday, she wanted something special. The cakes were done in four different flavors using...
  •  Chocolate Wine Bottles   This is a coconut cake with shredded coconut on top tinted to look like wood shavings.
  •  Authors Book Covers  There were 25 authors at a fund raiser I did. All of the authors book covers were used on the cake. It had 23 turnable pages made out of...
  •  The Big Cheese   My first attempt at figure piping. I did better on the mouses behind than I did on its face.
  •  Lime Scrolls   Square cake with lime colored scrolls and silver dragees.