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  •  Disco Skate  Disco ball with a speed skate. Love using Disco dust. My daughter and her friends helped with the little "mirrors" so some of...
  •  Carlee's 1St Birthday   Fondant decorations. I think this is one of my favorite cakes that I have made. I wish the plaque was a little bigger though.
  •  Sweet Sixteen   Sweet Sixteen for my friend's daughter. Fondant and buttercream decorations. Modeling chocolate numbers
  •  Batman  I can't take credit for making the cute little batman. I saw it at the store and thought it would be a perfect addition to the cake. I...
  •  Not So Identical Twin Cakes  I needed to make two cakes with the same color scheme, masculine, no theme. They were for two different people who would be at each others...
  •  Green Hornet   Modeling chocolate and fondant decorations.
  •  Turntable  Made this for my friends boyfriend. I built a lazy susan out of foam core and a swivel plate from the hardware store to make the turntable...
  •  Princesses And Pirates  I made this cake for my friends daughter. They did a princess and pirate theme so big brother didn't feel so out of place at a girlie...
  •  Green Dots
  •  Lego Star Wars Death Star Cake/cupcakes   My little cousins Lego Star Wars Death Star cake and character cupcakes. Decorations are modeling chocolate.
  •  80's Theme Cake  I tried to make this cake look a little punk-ish. I wish I would have done the words a little more graffiti style. Decorations are modeling...
  •  Hello Kitty   Made to match decorations. modeling chocolate and fondant decorations
  •  Ou Sooners

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