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  •  Go Away Gator!  Didn't mean for it to be...but the person wanted a cartoon-looking alligator for her son's birthday....doesn't it look like...
  •  Sesame Street   This cake was time consuming but well worth all of the work when I saw the little girls face light up when she saw it. All edible.
  •  Candy Shop
  •  Baby At Work!
  •  Movie Night!
  •  Monster High Birthday!
  •  Nurse Retirement   Vanilla cake with cookies and cream filling. All edible fondant decorations.
  •  A Day At The Spa...  Two sisters with close birthdays celebrating theme...two completely different color choices.....smiling faces and kids...
  •  Snowman Birthday  Inspired by one of the Wilton yearly magazines. This little girl wanted pink though. In the magazine it shows a pretty light blue. I think...
  •  Ladybugs!  This cake was based off of the babies crib sheet theme. Thought we would make it a bit more interesting by adding the globe. The center...
  •  Ocean Life   Once again, love it when paeople give me invitations and decorations to base a cake off of.
  •  Ice Skates  Top tier is vanilla with chocolate buttercream. Bottom tier is chocolate with cookies & cream buttercream. Ice skates are hand painted...
  •  Classic Cars  This cake was made for an 80th birthday. The cards matched the saying at the top "Cruising to 80". Had painted accents on the...