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  • Vintage ruffles and pearls
  • Crown Royal Bottle Bottle of Crown Royal.  Covered in fondant with an edible image for the label.
  • Girlie Baptism
  • Valentines Wedding This was one of those cakes where the design changed as I went - luckily it is for a couple...
  • Edible Diamonds & Calla Lilies
  • Cinderella holding up her dress Chocolate and raspberry cake covered in fondant.  To make the skirt I used a smallish stainless steal bowl and then...
  • Colourful Autumn Wedding Heavenly Pumpkin Spice cake covered in fondant with all fondant accents
  • Whimsy Teal & Purple Inspiration for this cake came from  CCer AmyLynn23 - Thanks!
  • Beer Pour Cake
  • Cinderella Doll Cake This cake was made by using a stainless steel bowl as the mold and then an 8" round cake pan....
  • Peacock feathers Cake I bought the feathers as a decoration for my home, but looking at them inspired me to create a cake...
  • Square Circles and Bows Unfortunately I had pre-ordered a chocolate mold to make a bottle as the topper 3 weeks in advance, but it...
  • Fabulous Forty with Feathers
  • 2 events in one!
  • teapot
  • Holy Cannoli! This was a deep chocolate cake with ricotta icing.
  • Baby Buggy To make the "hood" I used a stainless steel bowl I had in kitchen with white chocolate.
  • Ladybug with 2 Snails
  • Baby Bum with little footprints and buttons All decorations are made from fondant.  I have made similar cakes in the past using the rice crispies treats for...
  • Girl Baby Bum
  • The Pink Panther Buttercream icing and fondant accents
  • Number One with Balloons All cakes are covered in buttercream, decorations are fondant
  • Tim Hortons Coffee Cake It took a couple of coffees from Tim Hortons to get this cake done!
  • Corset Cake The first corset cake I have ever done. I really liked the results!  Heart shape pan for the bodice and...
  • telephone the person this was for was retiring from Bell.
  • Pink Celebration! This cake was actually for a bridal shower but could definately be for a birthday
  • Baby Bum I was really not a fan of Baby Bum cakes (where is the rest of the baby?), but I was...
  • Diamond Engagement Ring Cupcakes
  • BALL AND CHAIN Not the most romantic wedding cake ever.. but a very fun wedding for a great couple
  • Ravioli and meatballs For my Father Inlaws 50th. I had the WORST time trying to airbrush the silver onto this cake.  The pot...
  • Easter Basket Yummy carrot cake and cream cheese icing!
  • Hunny Pot Baby Shower This was for a mixed baby shower with a Winnie the Pooh theme.  I got the idea from looking online...
  • 40th Birthday I was trying stenciling for the time with royal icing.  I need some more practice!
  • Teddy Bear Birthday
  • Car Cake A little boy turning 4 asked me to make him a green and white cake with 3 green roses for...
  • Green Bows
  • Autumn Wedding Cake This was done for my brother' wedding.  It is all pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese icing covered in fondant....
  • Green and White Bridal Shower Cake
  • Simple Wedding Cake with Orchids
  • Baby's First Birthday The mom wanted a very girly birthday cake for her little princess
  • Baby's First Birthday This cake was designed to match the invitations that were went out for the baby's first birthday party
  • Monkey Cake
  • hannah montana ( I did fix the music notes before it left with the client).
  • Hearts This couple already had a destination wedding and was throwing a party for everyone who hadn't made it to the...
  • 75th and 25th Birthday I was first asked to make a cake for a 75th birthday party, then was asked if I could make...
  • Sweet 16
  • Poker Cake
  • DSC00529.JPG
  • Montreal_Canadiens_cake_006.JPG
  • Labatt_Blue_Dry_Cake.JPG
  • DSC00739.JPG
  • Babar
  • Care Bear Birthday
  • sheep bridal shower
  • Black and White Sweet 16
  • Baptism This was the first successful bow I ever made with gum paste.  This cake was for my French sister inlaw's...
  • Care Bear Baby Shower Everything is edible.  The blocks were made from gum paste.
  • Flower Pot
  • Ming Ming the Duckling When I was asked to make a Ming Ming the Duckling themed cake I had no idea who Ming Ming...
  • Cheeseburger I had wanted to use my airbrush for the first time on this cake but ran into technical difficulties so...

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