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  • Mod monkey! Mod monky themed tiered cake for a first birthday celeberation.  WASC, buttercrean and fondant accents
  • Dora Dora Dora the Explorer! WASC With buttercream and fondant accents to match a Dora themed party.
  • Rainbows and Sunshine!!! 6 Layer cake dyed to match the colors of the rainbow.  Buttercream Petal technique for exterior.  Gumpaste rainbow and sun,...
  • Treasure Map Buttercream with gumpaste and fondant accents
  • Strawberry shortcake Strawberry shortcake themed cake with Butter cream and fondant accents.
  • 1st birthday Fondant cake with fondant and butter cream accents
  • Minnie Mouse birthday cake Tiered birthday cake with minnie mouse ears made with oreo cookies.  All fondant accents.
  • Tea Time with Taylor! 12" Round Fondant cake with gum paste and fondant accents.6" ball pan made tea pot.