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  • Kids Handbag This was made for a little girl. Simple but she loved it.  All comments welcome and thanks for looking
  • Cupcakes I made these for my sister in law along with the cake.  She loved them.
  • Birthday Cake This was made for a friend of mine.  Her daughter is a dancer.  Thanks for looking and all comments welcome
  • 40th Birthday Cake Havent been on for a while but I will upload a few soon.  This was done for my sisiter in...
  • Cupcakes Back to my famous cupcakes... loved the finish on this batch.  All comments welcome and thanks for looking.
  • Christening I think this has to be my most popular design by far as I have made it 12 times now......
  • Christening Cake This was made for my niece.  This was definitely a big job.  This was my first time doing 2 tier....
  • ColourColourColour This was made for  very quiet girl!!! Her mum requested something with lots of colour so I did a bit...
  • 19th Birthday Cake This client wanted something blue with a touch of green and retro along with simplicity.  So this is what I...
  • Cupcakes! Cupcakes! This was my second time doing this design... Yellow and orange... the pics don't do it justice.... colours were very...
  • Cupcakes I love the colours in these. All comments welcome and thanks for looking
  • Retro cupcakes I love the colours - I think these turned out lovely .... thanks for look
  • cupcakes Love the orange.... want to try this on a large cake