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  • Baby Bear
  • Alabama Hunter
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  • For a hunter The 3-tier cake frosted with buttercream, then covered with rolled fondant.  I wish I could claim the deer head, but...
  • 50th Anniversary cake for my parents Cake is frosted with ivory buttercream with white cornelli lace.  Roses, calla lilies and leaves are rolled fondant.
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  • Black & White Wedding Cake Yellow cake with buttercream frosting, covered with rolled fondant and decorated with fondant pearls and buttercream swirls
  • Simple, but elegant Strawberry cake with chocolate filling and cream cheese frosting, covered with rolled fondant.
  • Wedding cake. Cake frosted in buttercream with live flowers.
  • 50th Anniversary cake Iced in buttercream.  Roses are rolled fondant, but greenery and baby's breath are silk.
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  • Hayden
  • Casey
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  • Caroline 5
  • Jasmine
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  • Blain
  • Adaela
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  • Kaitlyn
  • Beck
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  • Shaley
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  • Caroline 4
  • Jasmine
  • 25th Anniversary Iced in buttercream.  Rolled fondant roses & leaves.
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  • Justin
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  • Cross
  • Wedding Floral This cake was frosted in buttercream.  The live flowers were added by a friend who used to work for a...
  • Makayley
  • Cheryl
  • Kaylee
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  • Happy 25th Anniversary Frosted in buttercream.  Roses are buttercream, bows are rolled fondant painted with mixture of silver luster dust and vodka.
  • Madison
  • Troy
  • Kayleigh
  • Levi
  • Heart
  • Camoflage Baby
  • Averee
  • Kaitlyn
  • SS Baby
  • 000_0205.JPG My first wedding cake.  All buttercream with rolled fondant roses.
  • What a Catch!! My first groom's cake.  The groom liked to fish, so I have a fisherman "catching" his bride.  Cake is german...
  • Horse
  • Megan's 13th Birthday This cake was for my niece who plays basketball.  Base cake frosted with buttercream, covered with rolled buttercream.  Basketball frosted...