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  •  Travel Theme Wedding   Travel theme wedding covered in fondant. Accents are airbrushed.
  •  Destination I Do   8 in bottom with buttercream, top is large ball pan covered in fondant. Continents are free hand in fondant. Airplane is fondant as well.
  •  Bass Fish  2 9x13 cakes carved, mmf covered. Fins and gills are gum paste. Airbrushed. Used an onion bag for details on the fish. It's red velvet...
  •  Gift Box Birthday  Bottom is 3 8x2" round cakes frosted in buttercream with fondant accents. The top is a 1" 8" round cake covered in fondant....
  •  Nurses Cake   Buttercream with fondant accents. Thanks to so many images on here. My friend loved it!
  •  Bass Fishing  Vanilla Cake covered in mmf. Fish scales were done with end of #12 tip. Fins are 50/50. Airbrushed and some hand painting. I had never done...
  •  Conservative Lingerie   Chocolate Cake, covered in mmf.
  •  Soccer Ball Sweet 16  Butter cake, vanilla buttercream. Ball is covered in fondant and cut out each hexagon and pentagon for the ball. Bottom layer is...
  •  New Little Prince   Customer wanted cake to match the napkins.
  •  Elegant Grad   Cream cheese icing, red velvet cake. Fondant cap and lettering and scrolls.
  •  Fashion Flower   Butter cake with buttercream icing. MMF decorations
  •  Neyland Stadium Replica  9-12x18 sheet cakes. All iced in buttercream and covered in fondant. Front entrance and back entrance were rkt. All brick work and mini...
  •  Graduation 2010  Thks so much for the inspirations on here.Especially, cakesbyBert. Buttercream icing, fondant accents. Cake ball pan for cap and cardboard...