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  • Candy Crash Versus Jason Candy Crash versus Jason
  • Jarmies Cake Jarmies Suzy and baby
  • Snow White cake
  • guitar cake
  • Ballet
  • Baker
  • rapunzel
  • Baby First Cake
  • Garden cake
  • Dino Cake
  • Japonese food Cake
  • Beach cake
  • Girly bed Cake It was a last minute order!!!  I wanted to added a girl sitting on the bed ... I had no...
  • 35 Years Cake Thanks for wacthing! : )
  • Nemo
  • Mickey Mousse Cake
  • Calilou
  • Cheese
  • Garfield cake
  • Ballerina Cake
  • Gift box Cake
  • Little Pet Shop Super Hero Kitty I enjoy making this cake... my very first LPS took me 3 hours to make.. Ufff.. lots of details..!
  • Tool Box Cake
  • Hippie
  • White Sofa
  • Mermaid
  • Backyardigans
  • Smart Cake
  • My version of High Heels Louboutin Well, I did a step by step version for my high heels! I do not like the outcome because the...
  • Pool Cake
  • Birth Cake I made this cake to celebrate the birth of my beautiful niece!
  • Horse 2D Cake I made this cake with the precious help of Bayamoy! Thank you for the instructions Bayamoy! And this was the...
  • Dog 3D This is my first dog.. i like the body.. but i don't like the head... lots of stress... did the...
  • Hello Kitty This is a original ideia from Jen's Cakery.
  • clown cake This is a verson of the original cake of the magazine "Tortas Decoradas"
  • Scout Cake
  • Flag football team It´s the flag of a brazilian football team - Corinthias
  • Cake family
  • Cake Pooh and Piglet
  • Logo program I made this cake for a program that i participatedIt was fun to do it
  • Lightning Macqueen A cake inspired by cake design RIA - Chocoloveid
  • Nurse Cake
  • Anniversary Wedding Cake Love the tutorial from Aine2...
  • Cake Girl with Horse
  • Cake Nurse
  • Old couple I use the Aine2 tutorial - "Heads up"
  • Car Cake well, it's a BMW car.. or something.. not very happy, but well.. i tried.. : /
  • Noody Cake
  • Cake Suitcase
  • Cake Shoe MAnolo Sorry for the BAD pic... i took the picture by cellphone... argh...
  • Guitar Cake
  • Wedding Mini-cake
  • Girl in her bed It's a mini cake...
  • Cake Rafael whit his bike
  • Guitar I saw this cake in a blog and i did one to my father birthday. I made a molde a...
  • Pizza man topper Well, it's a man making pizza ... lol ... the man is from Aine2 tutorial ... i think didn't went...
  • Bride and groom I make this one based on a bears that a user made... and Aine2 tutorial helped a lot, i love...
  • Winnie the Pooh Cake
  • Noody's Cake The car is a cake sculpted and covered with fondant.The sentence means "Congratulations Gabriel"
  • Bag and Shoe Cake I made this cake for my mother. The bag was covered with choco fondant and the shoe is made of...
  • Farewell cake I made this cake for a friend who left to Brazil. This is an original idea of a cake of...

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