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  • Rubiks Cube LARGE rubiks cube cake for an 80's party
  • Quilting Thank you Cake
  • anniversary
  • 80th birthday cake Received order for a cake with flowers, simple, mature, hot pink, orange and yellow.  This is what I came up...
  • girl birthday cupcakes
  • 1st birthday 1st bday cake for girl.  Wanted princess garden theme
  • Baby shower crib
  • 4th of July ice box cake Chocolate wafers with fresh whipped cream
  • Carnival Cake 4th of July block party theme: carnival, all fondant details.
  • purple wedding bride sent pic of cake to duplicate, changed to purple.  german choc, marble, vanilla, all with vanilla buttercream
  • Snowmobile cake Made for 30th birthday.  Wanted replica of actual snow machine.
  • ocean wedding ocean wedding with fresh calla lillies
  • Anniversary cake Client wanted a small cake for 1st anniversary.  Requested fresh roses and lilly's in pink.
  • Lightening McQueen 4 year old boys birthday.  My first Lightening McQueen.  Very nervous to make.  Car is Chocolate and chocolate.  Sheet cake...
  • Thank you for teacher All fondant.  Thank you for teacher for a great year
  • mini wedding cakes couple was not having large wedding.  Made them each a mini cake to enjoy after ceremony.  Grooms Chocolate mint and...
  • Beach birthday cake choc cake with kahlua cream filling.
  • fishing cake Bottom is mint choc chip icecream.  Top choc with vanilla.  All decor is fondant.  Fish are plastic
  • Basketball BC sheet cake with MMF basketball
  • Little Mermaid Birthday Cake 4 year olds birthday.  BC with fondant, chocolate, and BC details.  Topper is a candle I bought.  TFL
  • Landscaping/Gardening Cake Needed a small cake for a 60+ year old man who lives for gardening and landscaping.  Fondant tree and lawnmower,...
  • Mother's Day Cake Quick, small mother's day cake.  Lemon cake with lemon and raspberry filling.  BC frosting.  Lilacs TFL
  • Venus Fly Trap Son wanted a venus fly trap cake for 8th birthday.  This is what I came up with.  TFL
  • Julianna and Cassandra bday Sisters sharing bday.  Fondant.
  • Alli's 9th bday Fondant covered
  • Cupcakes Triple Chocolate cake filled with raspberries.  BC frosting.
  • Michael Jackson Cake Needed a simple, michael jackson themed cake for 10th birthday.  Vanilla cake with lemon BC.  All fondant.  First time making...
  • Chocolate and fresh fruit Surround of Pepperidge Farm Piroettes Hazelnut, layered devils food cake and chocolate mouse with sliced strawberries separating layers.  Fresh strawberries...
  • Spring time Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.
  • Caleb's 7th Fondant, crushed cookie dirt, real toy monster truck, fondant decor
  • Julianna's 12th All MMF, with gumpaste stars.
  • Poker Cake
  • 11th Birthday Cake Everything is edible except the make up on the serving tray.  All fondant.  Thanks for looking!
  • Winter Cake, snowman, christmas, fondant, blue, christmas tress Covered in fondant with fondant shapes.  Sugar for snow/sparkle
  • beach/under the sea theme Daughter couldn't decide under the sea or beach theme, so this is what I came up with.  Fondant covered with...
  • Valentine Birthday Buttercream frosting.  Colored melted white chocolate squeezed out heart shapes.  cooled, then assembled. sugar for sparkle
  • My first try with fondant! So the birthday girl wanted a strawberry icecream cake.  That was the easy part.  I thought this would be a...