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  •  4Tier Lavendar/sage
  •  Cupcakes To Go With Barbie2 Cake   cupcakes to go with barbie2 cake. colors needed to match the dress of the barbie.
  •  Barbie 2   barbie cake i made last weekend also made cupcakes to match the theme.
  •  Blues Clues   my first blues clues cake, i free handed this one, not too bad, client loved it. that's all the mattered.
  •  Golf Ball In Grass   large cake for a group of golfers, and combined birthday, they enjoyed it
  •  Neutral Colors  my first baby shower cake, made a small 6inch cake, first time doing little characters, then made cupcakes to go with it. in blue and pink...
  •  Laceys   my daughters 20th bday cake, my first topsy turvy cake, not bad, room for improvement though.
  •  Diabetic Bday Cake   another first for me. everything made with equal sweetner, the client loved it.
  •  Teen Bday  teen bday two tier cake, something simple, just wanted certain colors, simple desing, so i came up with this, and they loved it! this was...
  •  Guitar  my son wanted a guitar cake, but wanted a peanut butter icing my grandma used to make, the only way to do it is with a star tip, (wont hold...
  •  Mini's  i tried my hand at these mini cakes, not too bad this was about a month after i decided this is what i wanted to do, with no classes at all...
  •  My Cake  well, this is my cake for class, thought it turned out pretty good, i love working with fondant!!! i took two classes, and i seem to learn...
  •  Fish Cake   this was another first for me, i hand "painted" the colors on it. turned out pretty good and the client loved it.