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  • Strawberry Shortcake 2 tier- Cake topper is handpainted
  • Gift Boxes For my dear niece in her 15th Birthday... she just loves shopping!
  • BMW Wedding Cake fondant. Car and figurines made out of Gum Paste.
  • Bob Sponge Cangre Burguer All edible. Cakes were airbrushed. Characters were handpainted.
  • Tinkerbell Flower Airbrushed cake. Handpainted Tink.
  • Ratatouille Cheese I made this for two of my best friends, they're a couple who has their birthdays in the same week....
  • Baby Minnie 1st. Year For my little neighbor in her first birthday. Cake was airbrushed. Fondant dots. Gum Paste bow. Art was handpainted.
  • Jack Skellington Aibrushed cake. Handpainted Jack.
  • Hannah Montana Fondant. Airbrushed. Guitar made with gum Paste.
  • Golden Belle Handpainted Belle. Airbrushed background. Fondant/Gum paste dress.
  • Snow White Garden Handpainted Snow White. Airbrushed background. Gumpaste flowers.
  • The Little Mermaid Ariel is handpainted. Background is airbrushed.
  • Butterfly Garden All fondant. Painted with non-toxic chalks. Butterflies are made of gum paste.
  • Pink and Chocolate Luggage Airbrushed fondant. "Leather" details in Chocolate Fondant. Edible printings.
  • Hogwarts, A History Lemon cake. Chocolate fondant for book cover and wand. White fondant for "Pages". Scarf was made of Gum Paste. Sntch...
  • Spiderman web
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Inspired by some CC pictures
  • McQueen Cars Hanpainted and airbrushed
  • Doki Aibrushed. Doki is made of Gum Paste. Aerografeada y Doki fue hecho con Pasta de Goma.
  • Bob Sponge Airbrushed and handpainted
  • Bakugan Background airbrushed. Bakugan handpainted
  • Belle Garden Handpainted and airbrushed
  • Tinkerbell in a Flower Flower cake is sculpted. Airbrushed. Tinker is cold porcelain.
  • Jasmine in Lilac For my dear God-daughter in her 5th b-day. She really loooooves this princess. Handpainted Jasmine. Airbrushed background.
  • The Little Mermaid Under the Sea Hand painted and airbrushed.
  • Purple Barbie Orange cake filled with chocolate. Airbrushed fondant,edible printing.
  • Butterflies Garden For my mom's B-day. Lemon Cake. All fondant. Butterflies painted by hand with chalks. She loves it!
  • Green Garden Orange cake filled with chocolate. All fondant. Airbrushed.
  • Tiburones de la Guaira My first airbrushed cake. Edible printed image. Fondant.
  • Golden & Silver Butterflies Wedding Squares are lemon cakes filled with passion fruit cream. Rounds cakes are vanilla filled with Dulce de Leche. Fondant. Gum...
  • High School Musical 2 Orange cake filled with chocolate. Fondant. Edible printing. Gum paste stars. Middle cake details hand painted with non toxic markers.
  • The Beauty and the Little Beauty For a dear little friend in her 4th Birthday. Vanilla cake filled with Dulce de Leche. Fondant. Edible printing. Gum...
  • Bears in love For a couple of friends in their 20th wedding anniversary. Fondant, gum paste and glass decorations.
  • Magallanes Baseball Field Fondant. Bat, ball and hat are Gum Paste. This is for a 10 year old boy who is fan of...
  • Backyardigans Baby Boy Fondant. Edible printed image.
  • Mario Bros Bidimensional For my godson 6th B-day. He looooved it!!! Botton cake is orange filled with chocolate, the other vanilla with dulce...
  • Dora The Explorer Colors Vanilla Cake filled with Dulce de Leche. Fondant. Edible images.
  • Tinkerbell in a Tree Vanilla cakes filled with Dulce de Leche. Fondant. Gum Paste flowers and leaves. Tinkerbell is cold porcelain.
  • Pink & Silver Lemon Cake. All Fondant.
  • Minnie Mouse Pink & Yellow Vanilla cake filled with Dulce de Leche. Homemade fondant. Handpainted.
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Girly For a 4 year old birthday. Her mom wanted to look girly so this is what she gets! Vanilla cake...
  • Ribbons and hearts For a dear niece. She loves ribbons and fuchsia! Fondant and Gum Paste (my first ribbon ever!).
  • Orange Dots Wedding Cake 5 Tiered Lemon Cake, Botton is filled with "Passion Fruit and White Chocolate Mousse". Made with the help of the...
  • Pink Angel For my Niece in her Baptism. Her oldest sister requested her favorite orange cake filled with Nutella. All Fondant. Handpainted.
  • McQueen Christmas B-Day Mom wanted a Christmas themed birthday party but the little boy wanted Cars... this is the result! Vanilla cake filled...
  • Disney Princesses Halloween For a Halloween Mini-Party for my 3 year old Princess and some of her friends. Orange cake filled with Nutella....
  • Happy Birth-Night! Orange & Chocolate Cake. All Fondant. So funny to make!
  • Channel White & Purple A gift for a teenager niece! She was asking me for this cake for a looong time, fortunately I found...
  • Becky & the Diamond Castle For my dear daughter 3rd Birthday. She loves Barbie & the Diamond Castle movie. Botton cake is her favorite, orange...
  • Emerald goin' on Orange For baby "Esmeralda" (Emerald). Mom to be loves orange color. Bottom cake is lemon, top and cupcakes are orange with...
  • Virgencita For a dear little friend of mine in her First Communion. Orange cake filled with Nutella. Homemade fondant. Handpainted.
  • Bears in Love A gift for a dear couple who call each other "Bear" in their 19th Wedding Anniversary.
  • Botton Cake Is Vanilla With Dulce De Leche Top Cake Is Apple And Cinnamon Homemade Fondant And Handpainted Art Made For My Dad And Dad Botton cake is Vanilla with "Dulce de Leche". Top cake is Apple and Cinnamon. Homemade fondant and handpainted art. Made...
  • Dora's Cupcakes Half of these cupcakes are Carrot and the other half Marble Chcocolate. Themed Wilton Cupcake Ring Toppers (Dora, Boots, Diego...
  • Dora The Explorer For my daughter's 2nd Birthday. Lemon Cake. Homemade fondant.
  • Victoria Vanilla Cake filled with Nutella. Homemade Fondant and Baby Girl painted by hand. Made for my best friend 2nd daughter...

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