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  • baby shower lil gent fondant
  • Hand Drawn And Airbrushed On Buttercream Hand drawn and airbrushed on buttercream
  • spongebob buttercream, fondant. Made structure to stand cake upright and was successfully delivered. Very happy
  • hope
  • duck buttercream
  • pebbles buttercream
  • pirate skull buttercream, carboard for sword
  • police badge buttercream
  • michael jackson buttercream, airbrush
  • trans am cake, buttercream
  • snowspeeder cake buttercream
  • luigi buttercream airbrush
  • ariel buttercream airbrush
  • robot catcher gumpaste
  • hillbilly wedding cake deer made from rk and fondant, cake and buttercream with some fondant details
  • dragon
  • lightning mcqueen
  • piggy cake cake, whipped topping
  • optimus prime buttercream, cake, fondant
  • pooh buttercream,cake, airbrushing
  • Budlight cake, and airbrushed
  • Batman cake, and airbrushed
  • 3 stack pumpkins cake, buttercream, and airbrushed
  • Luau cake, buttercream
  • Lilo cake and buttercream
  • sugar horse figure I finally made a decent  mold of a horse using food safe silicone from Michaels. I cast it with a...
  • Trooper Freehand airbrush on buttercream with buttercream accents.
  • R&B Artist Cake Airbrushed on buttercream.
  • hard candy sugar horse in progress horse cast in two part homemade edible mold, in progress after both halves have been cast into sugar
  • Chevy cake, buttercream, fondant
  • Cupcake Cake, buttercream
  • Quack Cake, whipped topping
  • Monster Truck buttercream, cake, rods
  • Racecar Buttercream, cake
  • Yoda Airbrushed
  • Sunset Airbrushed
  • Haba-Gadabi Airbrushed
  • SpongeBob Airbrushed
  • R2D2 cake, whipped topping, styro-foam, wood supports
  • Mario Brothers cake, buttercream, and airbrushed
  • Captain Morgan Cake cake, buttercream icing, royal icing
  • Castle Cake Fondant, and royal icing with Wilton Castle set
  • Philly Zoo 150th birthday Animals craved from rice krispys, covered with fondant and airbrushed